Seeking Sister Wife Credit: The Winder Family Instagram

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: The Winders Expecting Baby Number 3!

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The Winder family has some happy news to share. Seeking Sister Wife fan favorites are expecting their third child together. They shared the happy news a short time ago on their family Instagram page. It is their second wife, Sophie who is pregnant. She welcomed her first son, Ephraim last year during the pandemic. When Season 3 ended, the hope was the first wife, Tami would be the one expecting. Luckily, they also have an update on that front.

Blending As A Seeking Sister Wife Family

Credit: The Winder Family Instagram
Credit: The Winder Family Instagram

When viewers first met the Winders during Season 2, it was an interesting dynamic. Tami and Colton had been married for some time with their toddler daughter, Sadie. They had been married to their sister wife, Sophie for about a year. However, she lived in her own home so no one had really meshed. The goal was to come out publically as a plural family.

They took baby steps and went to parks and on walks. Fans commented on Colton’s dry personality. However, by Season 3, the family was the most normal. They stood by their beliefs and seemingly had morals. Plus, the Winders worked much better together. Sophie had gotten pregnant so everyone had just moved under one roof. It was an adjustment. Yet, the wives were blending and helping one another. Additionally, there was an attempt to court a potential third sister wife, Kimberley.

It was overwhelming for Colton and he ultimately did not feel the spark. Tami also had a lot of trouble carrying a child. She could conceive but would suffer miscarriages. The family began to feel more complete. They just wanted Tami to be the one to carry the next baby. Ultimately, it would be Sophie.

Baby Girl Winder

Though they have been wishy-washy as to whether they’ll return to Seeking Sister Wife, one thing is certain: a baby is on the way. Sophie is expecting a baby girl in November of this year. Posing as a complete family, they shared the happy news on Instagram. They also shared more answers have been given to help Tami with her fertility situation. Therefore, they are optimistic another Winder will be on the way in the near future.

Credit: The Winder Family Instagram
Credit: The Winder Family Instagram

Followers could not wait to share their congrats but also acknowledged Tami’s sensitivities. “Oh my goodness, congratulations! Prayers for Tami.” Another added: “Congrats and much love, luck and prayers for Tami! Xo.”

Sophie recently celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday so this is an amazing gift for her. It would be interesting to watch how a back-to-back pregnancy impacts the family. Hopefully, Tami can be the next one celebrating. Congratulations to the Winders. Would you want to see them back for another season even if they aren’t seeking a sister wife?

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