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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Finds New Home In An RV

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Janelle Brown has found some new living quarters. The Sister Wives star is finally making use of the family property, Coyote Pass. After her Flagstaff rental property was sold, she had to figure out her next move. So, she decided to get an RV and spend the summer in it. Where better to park it than the vacant CP land.

Sister Wives and Coyote Pass Controversy

Sister Wives Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

When the Browns were looking to move to Flagstaff, they had the choice of two pieces of land. One of them was Coyote Pass. There, a few of the wives and Kody heard the angels singing. Along with the children still at home, Kody and his four wives uprooted their lives in Las Vegas. They had the perfect setup in Vegas. The four women lived in a cul-de-sac. It allowed the children to seamlessly go from home to home. Kody also had easy access to his wives.

It was very different from the life they lived in Utah. There they lived in a single home built by a polygamist. Each wife, minus Robyn, had their own living quarters. Kody tried to convince the wives to have the same setup on Coyote Pass but they shut him down. They struggled to sell their Vegas homes while rushing to find quick rentals. Robyn and Christine ended up purchasing their homes. Meri and Janelle found rentals and Coyote Pass remained vacant.

The amount of money being spent on the current homes plus the unsold Vegas homes caused strife. There was so much dissension between the wives by Season 15. Everyone was so disconnected and lived so far apart. They were no longer a cohesive unit. Kody contemplated selling Coyote Pass and giving up the dream. Now, Janelle is happily making use of the property.

Janelle’s Coyote Pass Takeover

Since her rental has been sold, Janelle needed to find a new place. So, she chose a summer adventure. The mom of six opted to take advantage of the vacant Coyote Pass land. She got an RV and will be staying there for the time being. Janelle shared the news on her Strive with Janelle Facebook page. She told her followers it was almost impossible to find a rental.

Sister Wives Credit: Strive by Janelle Facebook
Credit: Strive by Janelle Facebook

Adding there is a lot to do on the land so why not spend the summer camped out there. Living the RV life is something she has always wanted to do. However, Janelle does admit she does have some anxiety with this new challenge. Her followers have been super supportive. One said: “My husband jokes about doing this someday after the kids leave home. Have home, will travel! Enjoy the adventure.”

Another added: “Oh my gosh Janelle. This is awesome. You could completely have your own summer show. You and kids experiencing RVing on your homeland. I know you’ll enjoy every minute of it.” What do you think of the Sister Wives star new venture? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. What about water has she got a generator can Janelle start it if she has one. Good luck to her l hope she can do it but it”s not easy .

  2. If they were were truly serious about living there, they could have…with all the money spent on rentals…put mobile homes on the property.

  3. Janelle you go girl my husband and I are talking about doing that while we wait to take occupancy of our new house next year.!

  4. Hey Janelle, I say check out the manuels to the RV thoroughly, and anything you dont absolutley understand, go back to the dealer and have them show you exactly how to handle it!!! The next thing is get a generator right away, and learn how to use that as well….and have Kody or someone build a small structure to house that in in case it is pouring down rain or some other adverse condition so you are not stuck outside in the weather or adverse condition trying to start it or add fuel to it or anything of the sort in case you need to do so at a bad time. Also….get an extra water tank and fill it with drinkable water….if you get sick or are stuck on site for any reason longer than expected, you dont want to run out of water. Those are the main things you will need is a generator and extra water, then after that, the rest is icing on the cake! Enjoy!

  5. So, I read Meri has moved to Utah and is done with Kody, of course since the show was cancelled! Now that the money has dried up we will see the REAL wives!

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