Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque are engaged to Ben

‘Extreme Sisters’ Anna and Lucy DeCinque Engaged To Their ‘Prince Charming’

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In recent episodes of Extreme Sisters, Anna and Lucy DeCinque have tried to get some commitment from their man, Ben Byrne. The trio has been together for 10 years and finally, their efforts have paid off as Ben, 37, has proposed to the 35-year-old Australian identical twins.

Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy engaged!

After dating Ben Byrne for 10 years, the man has finally proposed to Extreme Sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque. The latest episode of the TLC reality show revealed Ben, Anna, and Lucy enjoying a romantic picnic in a park. Both ladies were beautifully (and, of course, identically dressed), while Ben looked pretty snazzy in a suit.


Let’s face it, the cynics among us probably realize Anna and Lucy knew what was coming. However, they both look thrilled and happy when their electrician boyfriend finally pops the question.

Ben’s romantic proposal

In the past, Ben’s feelings for the identical twins have been questioned by fans. Many cynics believe he simply enjoys being able to head to bed with identical twins. However, the electrician has finally shown his commitment to the Australian beauties.

Ben handed each twin a small box, containing a huge diamond ring and naturally, the rings were identical. He explained that the engagement rings had three bands, to symbolize the three of them.  “Anna you mean the world to me and I want to spend my life with you and Lucy you mean the world to me and I want to spend my life with you too,” he says, adding, “I love you, I love you both.”


After asking the magic question, Byrne then places a ring on Anna and Lucy’s fingers. Obviously, both ladies are thrilled and excited, calling Ben their Prince Charming. However, Australian law doesn’t allow three people to get married, so what happens next?

Extreme Sisters can marry their man

While they can’t marry in Australia, Anna and Lucy have already Googled to find out where a trio can tie the knot. It turns out there are options, including Malaysia, Indonesia and some parts of America where they could legally marry. Meanwhile, Ben said he is willing to do whatever it takes to make both the women happy.

As reportedly previously, the identical twins are also planning a family with Ben. However, the problem lies in the fact they want to get pregnant at exactly the same time. These twins literally do everything together and want their pregnancies to be the same. After recently taking pregnancy tests and “failing,” Anna and Lucy are considering using IVF.

News.com.au quotes an interview on the Today Show in 2019, where the twins explained it was their mum who convinced them to have a joint pregnancy. At the time, Anna and Lucy said, “Love is love; we are all adults.” However, their mother wants them to give birth naturally, so they don’t know how they could work. They admit this would be another challenge and would put a lot of pressure on Ben.

Keep up with Ben, Anna, and Lucy on Extreme Sisters weekly on TLC.

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