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Lauren Caldwell Could End Up With A Duggar After Failed Engagement


As we’ve reported, Lauren Caldwell, the younger sister of Kendra Duggar, was engaged to a man named Titus Hall. Now that they have split up, rumors are swirling once again that she is with one of the Duggar guys her age. So, could she actually end up with one of them?

Lauren Caldwell’s failed engagement

Lauren and Titus got engaged last year after a quiet courtship. He proposed while the Caldwells were at the beach on vacation. Until the family shared photos from the proposal, fans had no idea Lauren was even in a relationship.

At some point, Lauren and Titus broke things off. It’s unclear what exactly went wrong, but it must have been a pretty big deal. In most relationships in the Duggar and Caldwell families, a courtship almost guarantees the couple gets married. That didn’t prove to be the case this time.

The Caldwell family simply deleted their photos from the beach proposal and didn’t say anything else about the failed engagement. This left fans confused, but the family still hasn’t addressed these concerns. So, fans are left speculating, which means some of them are thinking about another possible courtship.

Caldwell Family Instagram
Caldwell Family Instagram

Courtship rumors resurface

Once again, rumors are flying that Lauren is interested in one of the Duggar guys. There are several single Duggars around her age, so she has lots of options.

Some fans even believe that Lauren’s interest in one of the Duggar men is the cause of her split from Titus. Since the family is keeping pretty quiet about the failed engagement and didn’t even share much about Lauren’s previous relationship, it’s unlikely that they would divulge much information about what’s going on now. Still, it is possible that Lauren got engaged, realized she wanted to be with a Duggar instead, and called the engagement off.

Now, there is another issue. It’s been brought to light that there’s some conflict between Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell. You can read more about this here. But a source claims that there won’t be another Duggar-Caldwell courtship because of these problems. So, maybe we won’t see this Duggar-Caldwell relationship after all.

So, do you think Lauren Caldwell will end up with a Duggar guy? Or do you think that won’t happen now due to the conflict between Jim Bob and Paul? Let us know in the comments below.

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