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‘LPBW’ Season 22, Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers

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LPBW Season 22, Episode 3 spoilers and recaps are rolling out early thanks to discovery+. If you’ve already watched tonight’s new episode of Little People, Big World or you can’t wait until tonight, keep reading for our recap and spoilers on what happens tonight.

LPBW Season 22, Episode 3 Spoilers: She Must Be A Gold Digger

At 42 minutes long, there is a lot to digest in tonight’s new episode of Little People, Big World. In fact, here’s the official synopsis for the episode:

Zach and Tori stress over medical issues their kids are facing, Matt worries about the fate of pumpkin season, and Chris drops a bomb that he isn’t willing to move in with Amy yet.”

As we previously reported, the episode kicks off with Amy Roloff and Chris looking at a potential wedding venue. Then, Chris takes off to go home and Amy spends some time hanging out with friends. Amy Roloff notes her friends had to get COVID tests so they could all hang out together.

Amy reveals issues in her relationship to her friends

Turns out, there is trouble in paradise. Amy Roloff has been in the home for nine months. But, she hasn’t completely moved into the house. She has a lot of boxes in her garage and office. Chris doesn’t feel like he can move in because she hasn’t made room for him.

Presently, the house feels too much like just hers. He notes that she’s had nine months which seems like plenty of time. Amy’s friends are surprised to hear Chris isn’t moving in. They are also surprised to hear about the storage and space issue. Does Amy have too much stuff?

Amy Roloff LPBW YouTube

Tori and Zach Roloff worry about kids’ health issues

COVID makes going to the doctor more difficult. The rule is one parent per child, so Tori takes Lilah to her nine-month checkup alone. They are instructed to make sure she’s getting foods that are high in healthy fats such as avocadoes because she’s still underweight. Tori notes she’s failing on a lot of her milestones. Furthermore, there are concerns with her eyes. So, she’ll have to see a specialist.

The troubling news doesn’t stop there, unfortunately, Jackon’s legs are starting to bow worse and worse. The duo decides they need to take him to the doctor. They want to try to avoid him needing multiple searches. Zach recalls how painful his surgeries were. He doesn’t want that for his son if it can be avoided. Tori also admits she is emotionally going to have a hard time dealing with this.

LPBW Season 22, Episode 3 Spoilers: Caryn and Matt embrace the farm

Matt Roloff is finally the sole owner of Roloff Farms. And, he’s very happy about it. He kicked off the episode starting a project. Something he’s wanted to do for a long time. Turns out, he’s always wanted to build a log cabin. He thinks it’ll be great for himself, Caryn, and even the grandchildren.

Amy Roloff LPBW YouTube

Caryn admits seeing him work on a project makes her want one of her own. She, however, doesn’t really want Matt sticking his fingers in the project. So, as we’ve previously reported, she decided to build a chicken coop. She wants the coop to be Jackson-friendly. She thinks it’ll be a great way for her and him to bond.

Caryn Chandler and Tori Roloff bond

As we’ve also previously reported, Caryn and Tori bond as they work on the chicken coop together. Caryn gets candid on the fact that she never wanted to live the farm life. But, she loves Matt and everything that comes with him. She also points out that the gold digger accusations make little sense because she really loves Matt and could care less about the farm.

Amy Roloff LPBW YouTube

LPBW Season 22, Episode 3 airs tonight only on TLC. Or, you can check it out now via the discovery+ app. Keep coming back here for the latest LPBW recaps and spoilers.

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