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Caryn Chandler Never Wanted Farm Life, Addresses Gold Digger Claims

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On tonight’s new episode of LPBW, Caryn Chandler gets candid with Tori Roloff about living a farm life and gold digger accusations. Matt Roloff’s fiance admits she never pictured herself living a farm life.

Spoilers warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode.

Caryn Chandler reveals biggest struggle to Tori

Matt Roloff’s fiance tells Tori the hardest part of her life right now is dealing with gold digger accusations. Caryn insists the gold digger claims make little sense. Why? Well, because she never wanted the farm life. She didn’t grow up aspiring to live on a farm. It was never a future she saw for herself. Caryn Chandler tells Tori Roloff she wants Matt. She doesn’t want the farm, the farm just comes with the man. She goes on to describe Matt as a sweet and good man.

During her dialogue with the camera, Caryn acknowledges that those watching LPBW are going to think whatever they want to think about her relationship. There’s nothing she can really do to change that. But, she does know her truth. And, that’s good enough for her.

Tori continues to bond with Matt’s fiance over a chicken coop

Caryn Chandler and Tori Roloff had this bonding experience while working on a new chicken coop. The coop became a project that Caryn decided to take on alongside the project Matt was currently working on. Caryn Chandler knows Tori’s son Jackson loves chickens. She was hoping to make a chicken coop that is a little more accessible to Jackson.

Tori and Caryn were staining and painting the chicken coop with Jackson helping out while having this conversation. Tori admits it is a little wild that she’s staining and painting a chicken coop on a farm with her children.

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Ironically enough, if it wasn’t for Caryn… Tori would not be a member of the Roloff family. Turns out, it was Caryn who first hired Tori a long time ago. She ended up meeting and going out on a date with Zach. From there, the rest was history.

So, do you think Caryn Chandler is a gold digger? Are you surprised she didn’t really want a farm life?

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