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Did Something Bad Happen To Molly Roloff On The Set Of ‘LPBW’?

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The reason Molly Roloff walked away from LPBW was never really clear. Recently, however, it became clear something bad might’ve happened to Molly on the set of the show. Did a scary situation drive Molly Roloff away from reality TV? Turns out, Matt Roloff briefly touched on the possibility during a First Class Fatherhood podcast.

Molly Roloff silently walked away from LPBW

Little People, Big World recently returned to TV for another season. Fans were thrilled. Matt and Amy Roloff returned along with their significant others Chris and Caryn. Zach and Tori along with their children also returned. Unfortunately, Jacob, Jeremy, and Molly have nothing to do with the show.

Fans of LPBW know both Jacob and Jeremy were very vocal about their decisions to walk away from the show. Molly followed her brothers out the door, but she didn’t broadcast the decision on social media. Instead, she simply stopped having anything to do with the show. She went on about her life. Just opted out of putting it on TV. As far as that goes, Molly Roloff isn’t exactly that active on social media either.

Ok so, where did she go exactly?

Well, we know Molly Roloff moved away from Roloff Farms. In fact, she left the state of Oregon altogether. She lives in Washington now. She married her husband Joel Silvius back in 2017. Based on Amy and Matt’s Instagram activity, we know Molly goes go back home to spend time with her family from time to time.

Matt Roloff eludes why Molly left the show

Jacob Roloff blasted LPBW as being far from reality. He noted the show was like watching caricatures of his actual family members.

“For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn’t work well with the health & happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able,” He penned on Instagram.

Some fans of LPBW wonder if perhaps Molly felt the same way. Is that why she left? Turns out, Matt Roloff has a pretty good idea.

During the podcast, he noted there were a few scary situations involving Molly when they were little. He noted he and Amy were very protective of their children. Especially Molly. But, they had a serious problem with obsessed fans. He noted they had a few scary run-ins with crazy fans of the show when the kids were younger. Matt seemed to elude this likely had something to do with why Molly walked away from the show.

What scary thing do you think happened to Molly Roloff on the set of LPBW? Are you glad she walked away from the show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.



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