Seeking Sister Wife Credit: The Winder Family IG

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: The Winders Day Out But Where’s Tami?

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The Winder family had a very productive yet wholesome week together. On Seeking Sister Wife, they may be exploring a third wife. However, offscreen they are all about family time and cattle auctions. The Utah-based family of five took some time to trade in their cattle and chow down. Yet one pivotal Winder was noticeably absent. Where is Tami and why did she sit this one out?

How the Seeking Sister Wife Family Has Grown

When viewers met the Winders in Season 2, first wife Tami lived with Colton and their daughter, Sadie. Second wife, Sophie had only been in the family for a year. She had her own home and the Winders struggled to come out as polygamists. They were actively searching for a third wife to add to the mix. Unfortunately, no one quite fit the bill so they ended the season empty-handed.

By Season 3, the whole dynamic had shifted. They were under one roof and Sophie was now pregnant with a baby boy. Fans had started to warm up to the very dry Colton. They saw he was in a plural marriage for the right reasons. Tami and Sophie’s relationship began to soften and they were even courting a potential sister wife, Kimberley. Unfortunately, COVID put a pause on everything. Finally, she was able to come out a few episodes ago and they are testing the compatibility.

Fans appreciate the way the Winders court and their core values. Making sure Colton is comfortable with potential sister wives is huge. Dates are also chaperoned until a commitment is made. The Winders try to make everything they do a family affair and fun.

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: The Winder Family Instagram
Credit: The Winder Family Instagram

A Wholesome Day Out- But Where’s Tami?

This past week, the Winders headed to the local livestock auction. They had cattle to sell and admired the tractors. Additionally, the family ate at the local auction diner. The Winders encouraged all who can to connect with their local ranchers. They also want everyone to experience a livestock auction at some point in their lives. But, one person was missing and it had to be addressed.

Tami was unable to be with the family for the auction and wholesome time out. There was no reason given. She may have had to work or could she be pregnant? It is no secret Tami has been trying to get pregnant since giving birth to Sadie. Sadly, she has suffered a bevy of miscarriages, one shortly after Sophie brought Ephraim home. Her doctor has put her on medication to help aid in the fertility process.

Where do you think Tami was and would you spend the weekend at a livestock auction? Let us know in the comments. Don’t miss Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC and dicovery+.

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