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‘Deadliest Catch’ Alum Jake Harris Pens Heartfelt Apology

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Deadliest Catch fans who were saddened by the news that Jake Harris has recently run into trouble will want to know that he has already addressed this on social media.

He was arrested last week for DUI and on Tuesday, was released on bail. On Wednesday, he made a post to his family and friends. He is owning up to what he did and already has a plan for the future.

What did Jake have to say?

Deadliest Catch Star Jake Harris Addresses Recent Arrest

On Wednesday, May 12, Jake Harris went to Facebook to write a lengthy statement to his family and his friends. He began by thanking everyone for their support. It has helped him not feel isolated during this journey to good health and battling addiction.

“I want to start off by thanking each and every one of you for your support, sharing your stories, and for all of the encouragement. All of your wisdom strength and hope have really helped me in these later days of my recovery. I couldn’t ask for a better and more genuine support group. This isn’t an easy road. Why it took me so long to get honest is something I’ll never know.”

Jake then made it more personal. The Deadliest Catch star gets honest.  “I don’t know why getting honest seemed so scary before. I remind myself I am no different than anyone else struggling with addiction.”

He then shared a realization. “I realize my differences with people are less than I thought and it turns out that I relate pretty well with a lot of other people walking in similar shoes.”

Lastly, he shared that he does have a place where he can find support. “I find it fascinating that I know a room that I can go to where I share a common bond with so many others and without saying a word know that I am welcome and not alone.”

Jake Harris Thanks Brother Josh

Next, Jake Harris wrote about his brother Josh. Both are sons of the late, great Captain Phil Harris. Jake thanks his older brother for his support. Moreover, he apologized. He acknowledges that he let his brother down. “Josh, thank you, you have really come through for me. I know you are disappointed right now and let me tell you, I am too and I’m sorry.”

He also mentions Discovery. They are supporting him through his rollercoaster ride. “I know I haven’t made things easy on you or Discovery who also always seem to have my back.”

Moreover, he acknowledges their family bond. This is a push-pull that sometimes frustrates, but in the end, this is about love.

“The bond between brothers is a fascinating thing, you always have your biggest support, greatest competitor and even though I spent half the time thinking I want to strangle you, the other half the time I’m embarrassed by how much I want to give your ugly mug a hug.”

Josh Harris has been very supportive of his younger brother. He has been candid about Jake’s journey through this very difficult time. But, he always seems patient and is ready to deal with each step.

Right now, he will need some patience. It is not clear how much legal trouble Jake is in now. However, he seems determined to own up to his mistakes and is ready to take action towards recovery.

The Deadliest Catch Star Admits He ‘Messed Up’

Next, Jake Harris admitted that he “messed up.” This was not just for his family and friends, it was an admission to himself. He shared that he must be accountable for his actions. Moreover, he realizes that there are consequences for his actions. There are lessons to be learned.

“That said for accountability purposes I feel like I owe it to myself and everyone to own it when I mess up. I messed up. Fortunately, I didn’t get lost again. That doesn’t mean I won’t have consequences and I am ready to take them on and absorb whatever lesson my hire power has in store for me.”

Next, Jake discussed his relationship with his higher power and the lessons and challenges he must learn from.

“I know by now that higher power has a colorful sense of humor and the humbling experience of accountability if looked at in the light and not kept in the dark, can be something good. As long I focus on the lesson and put one foot in front of the other and continue the work of keeping my side of the street as clean as I can it will be okay.”

Jake Shares Some Harris Wisdom

Jake then compared himself to his father, Captain Phil Harris, when it comes to understanding what he needs. He gave some insight into how his father learned from his mistakes. He appears to share how the Harris family makes lemonade from lemons.

“I like feeling good about my day-to-day decisions and even when they get a little foggy I remind myself that I still don’t know what I need and left to my own decision making ol’ Jake Harris has proven to be even more of a character than my pops. The OG Harris and our uncanny ability to turn mistakes into opportunities.”

Harris then admits how scary this is. There appears to be some reflection and some positive self-talk. He even talks about self-sabotage.  But first, he is trying to understand how he even got to this place.

“I’m learning that everything going right can be just as scary as everything going wrong. You can forget about how bad things can get when things feel so good and sometimes meeting your goals and having things start turning right can inspire a huge step back by way of self-sabotage.”

Lastly, he affirms that he is worthy of love, family, and happiness. He talks about right and “going with the flow.”

“I need constant reminders that I deserve to be happy, I deserve a family, I deserve friends, I deserve to give love and be loved and it’s been a long time. Most of the time it’s just doing the next right thing and going with the flow.”

Jake Harris Makes Final Apology, Plan

In the final paragraph, Jake Harris makes a full apology. Jake admits his mistake. He also makes a plan. Most of all, he seems optimistic about the future and seems ready to move forward and not dwell on the past.

“So I want to apologize to all of you, my family, and to myself. I don’t want to hurt the people I love. I have so much to lose still It’s me that I hurt the most when I make the wrong choice. Time to pick myself back up by the bootstraps and get back to shitting in tall cotton. I have some pretty exciting and new ventures ahead and I want to be my best for them.”

Jake Harris wants to attend meetings. He also wants to step outside of himself and serve.

“Now…. local meetings? Looking for some new ones outside of my comfort zone and I feel like I need to be of service.”

Fans have left comments of encouragement to Jake Harris. But, he seems like he is ready to move on from this and learn from his mistakes.

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