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‘WCTH’ Hearties & Cast React To Elizabeth’s Choice: Lucas Or Nathan?

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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Finale aired tonight and hearties had one simple question: Would Elizabeth choose Lucas or Nathan? This, however, wasn’t the only question looming among fans of the Hallmark series. Many also wondered if the series would return for Season 9. Fortunately, we have the answers to both questions. Keep reading.

WCTH Season 8 Finale: Did Elizabeth Choose Lucas Or Nathan?

During the When Calls the Heart Season 8 Finale, Hearties watched as Elizabeth had to make a huge decision. Would she choose Lucas or Nathan? Likewise, there was always the option writers have been trolling Hearties all season and Elizabeth would decide neither was the right option. Fortunately, that last bit isn’t what happened. Elizabeth did make a decision. Lucas or Nathan?

Going into the Season 8 Finale, it really felt like writers were pushing Erin Krakow’s character in the direction of Nathan. Regardless of what happened, fans were hopeful for a satisfying ending. After all, this love triangle has gone on for an agonizing amount of time.

Roughly halfway through the Season 8 Finale of WCTH, Hearties finally learned whether Elizabeth picked Lucas or Nathan. Turns out, Elizabeth approached Nathan to tell him the truth. He wasn’t the one for her. She admitted she was trying to find Jack while being with him. She recognizes that was not fair to him or her. Elizabeth did have love for Nathan. But, it wasn’t enough. By the end of the Finale, Elizabeth revealed she wanted to be with Lucas. Fortunately, this means fans will get to see this love story play out. Likewise, it means the agonizing love triangle is finally over.

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Another Problem Created?

As Cinema Blend points out, the Season 8 Finale did wrap up the issue of Lucas or Nathan with a nice bow. But, the ending also creates a new problem for the storyline. What about Nathan? What will his future look like? Who will he turn to for love now? Fortunately, we know WCTH was renewed for another season. So, perhaps, Nathan will get his happily ever after with someone else in another season.

When Calls The Heart Cast Reacts To The Decision

Entertainment Tonight sat down with cast members Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry, and Chris McNally to get some reactions and insight on Elizabeth’s decision regarding Lucas and Nathan. Likewise, the cast also shared their thoughts on that passionate Season 8 Finale kiss.

Erin Krakow: “I’m very happy and I’m very sad, it’s the truth, people! I hope that I’m validating what probably many of the hearties are feeling, which is very mixed feelings. We have been blessed with Kevin and Chris, who have done such an incredible job bringing these characters to life, and it’s impossible not to, as a viewer, fall in love with the characters they’ve created, it’s just impossible not to. So I’m really excited about this next chapter for Elizabeth, getting to see her happy and free and in love.”

Chris McNally: “I think that Lucas is ecstatic! He did his best to show how he felt and tried to be patient and took his time. Obviously, there were hiccups along the way, but I think he said [in season 6 or 7], ‘I’ll wait as long as I have to for the woman of my dreams.’ Something in that neighborhood. So I think he’s mostly just relieved and excited for the future.”

Kevin McGarry: “This decision, I think, was right up until the very end. I’ve read many comments being like, ‘Oh, they’re weaving us through this carefully-orchestrated thing. But the truth is, that a lot of times, Hallmark, all of us, we’re just still kind of figuring out what was best, what was the best way to go. So when we did finally come to that conclusion, I think it does open up for some really interesting storylines moving into next season.”

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The Plot Was A Mystery For The Cast

According to McGarry, Nathan was “totally heartbroken” by the decision. The actor, however, also wanted to make sure it was clear the plot for the story of Season 8 was a mystery for the cast just the same as it was for the Hearties at home.

Chris McNally admits the kiss was a very “powerful moment” for his character after the emotional rollercoaster of being involved in a love triangle.

Hearties React To The Decision: Lucas Or Nathan?

There is a pretty even split of Hearties that are Team Lucas and Hearties that are Team Nathan. Naturally, both took to social media to either celebrate or complain after learning whether Elizabeth picked Lucas or Nathan. Those on Team Lucas told supporters of Nathan to let go of their “sour grapes” and just let Elizabeth be happy with who she selected.

Many Hearties were just happy the love triangle was wrapped up. As we mentioned previously, many agreed it was an agonizing storyline. Other Hearties expressed concern for the poor writing of Season 8.

Some noted they were over the series and wouldn’t come back for more. And, others? Well, they celebrated Season 9 getting the green light already. Did you think Elizabeth would pick Lucas or Nathan? Are you happy the series got renewed for another season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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