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Julie Chrisley Weight Loss: Picture Of ‘Snatched’ Waist Has Fans Reeling 

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Todd Chrisley shared a photo of himself and his wife Julie that inadvertently showed off some serious weight loss. Unfortunately for Todd, fans quickly forget he was in the picture. But, the way his incredibly hot wife looked? Well, it sent fans reeling. In a comment liked several dozen times, one fan called attention to her “snatched waist.”

“Okay Julie with that snatched waist!!” The individual penned in adoration. Curious as to what that compliment means? Wondering if Julie Chrisley has experienced some weight loss? Keep reading to see the gorgeous photo that has fans reeling and what exactly they are saying.

What does ‘snatched waist’ mean, anyway?

Now, there is a chance you saw this phrase and were not really sure what to think. To someone who doesn’t know what “snatched waist” means, it might not even be clear that it is a compliment.

According to a blog by a Los Angeles doctor named David Matlock, “snatched waist” is a term used to describe an Instagram-worthy waistline. Typically, this is a waistline achieved through wearing a corset or some sort of compression clothing. A person with a snatched waist has defined hips and a slender waistline.

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Unfortunately for Todd and Julie, there was a little negativity in the comments regarding how she got the slender waistline. Some speculated it came from a tummy tuck. Others, however, believe she was probably wearing some sort of compression clothing underneath her gorgeous black dress. The negativity, however, was pretty far and few between. Most were more interested in discussing her serious weight loss and her incredible figure.

The sexy photo has Chrisley fans drooling over Julie’s weight loss

The photo features Todd and Julie Chrisley rocking gorgeous smiles as they pose for the camera. Todd is facing the camera while Julie is turned with her body toward her husband. She is rocking a pretty snug, long-sleeved black dress with a deep neckline. The gorgeous black dress is just snug enough that it does an incredible job hugging her curves in all the right places. Fans agree the dress really highlights her weight loss.

Julie Chrisley Weight Loss

Here’s some of what other Chrisley Knows Best fans had to say:

  • “Can we all just take a moment and acknowledge how pretty Julie is here. Love your hair! Perfect shade of blonde on you too. Love y’all both!”
  • “Y’all look goood Go head Julieeee”
  • “Julie is looking fabulous”
  • “Looking skinny Jules”

So, do you think Julie Chrisley is looking as banging in this photo as fans do? Do you see the weight loss in the before and after snap? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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