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Todd Chrisley Says Transparency Is Optional, Time Will Reveal All

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With a show called Chrisley Knows Best, it probably goes without saying that Todd Chrisley has some wisdom to share. Undoubtedly, his unique outlook on life is one of the many endearing characteristics that fans love about the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch. Keep reading to learn what wisdom he shares with fans in a recent Instagram post.

Todd Chrisley seems to post some cryptic things on Instagram

While there isn’t much context, a lot of Todd Chrisley’s recent Instagram posts are quotes. One of the more poignant ones is below.

The devil wouldn’t be attacking you so hard if there wasn’t something valuable inside of you. Thieves don’t break into empty houses.

Read that again.”

While another one reads, “I’ve fallen several times, but I’ve never laid there.” Ultimately, that quote is a testament to the type of person Todd Chrisley is. This relates to so many struggles Todd faces in the public eye. And without a doubt, this is probably applicable to things the father of five faces off-camera.


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A third recent quote reads, “People say a lot. So, I watch what they do.” This almost seems like a twist on the adage “actions speak louder than words.” Unfortunately, the caption doesn’t offer much assistance for deciphering what Todd Chrisley actually means by this post. All the caption has is three sets of big eyes. However, the post does well with fans. One fan even writes, “There it is! Talk is CHEAP!”

Is Todd okay?

While all of these recent quotes are cryptic in their own right, the most recent one seems to open the door to a lot of questions. The quote reads as follows.

IDK who needs to hear this but you don’t always have to tell your side of the story.

Time will.

One thing about them tables, they always turn…”

While this quote seems applicable to a lot of things that Todd Chrisley has gone through in the public eye. However, it seems like he is going through something recent. He captions the quote photo with, “Time is a healer and a revealer.”


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However, it doesn’t seem like anyone in the comments is too concerned about what is going on with Todd Chrisley. Most of the comments are in support of the reality television star. Many of the comments agree with what Todd posts. And others just share their admiration of him and his family.


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Are you concerned that something might be going on with Toddy Chrisley? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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