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Did Tammy Slaton Just Admit She’s ‘Gay For Attention’? See Video

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Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters teased of a “big secret” for weeks before revealing she was pansexual. This news broke on a recent episode of the TLC series while she was on a double date with Jerry and her sister. Sadly, fans learn the reason for the double date is simply because she couldn’t go on a date with Jerry alone. He wasn’t capable of pushing her around in the wheelchair. So, she needed the help of Michael and Amy. It was during this dinner that she spilled the beans on her sexuality.

Is Tammy Slaton using her sexuality for clout and attention?

Prior to revealing she was pansexual, fans had already known she was bisexual. She confirmed she was with a simple wink face on TikTok. News also broke that she might’ve left Jerry for a gorgeous girl. But, it was later revealed the girlfriend was just a catfish. Though, Tammy insists it never happened. She seems to double down on this despite there being screenshots of her introducing the catfish as her “new girlfriend.”

On TikTok and Instagram, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters are not convinced Tammy is being honest about her sexuality. Some note they think she is claiming she’s pansexual because it increases her chances of not being alone. Is she actually interested in both genders? Or, is she just hoping that someone of any gender will love her?

Tammy has confused her TikTok followers jamming out to sounds that talk about being bisexual. For starters, she shared a video using a sound created by TikTok and Instagram influencer Mikaela Happas. The sound was created for people who identify as bisexual. Tammy used the sound in her video announcing she was pansexual. Fans thought it sent mixed information as she was announcing she was pansexual while using a video saying she was bisexual.

Wait, now she’s ‘gay for attention’ too?

Yesterday, Tammy Slaton used a sound in a TikTok video that talked about being “gay for attention.” And, it definitely hit wrong for some of her followers. You can watch the video below and see what you think.

Unfortunately for Tammy, the video tracks with fan theory that she’s only exploring her sexuality for clout and attention.

One follower commented that they didn’t understand the video. Why? Well, because Tammy Slaton did, in fact, get attention for coming out of the closet. They, however, clarified they were not in cahoots when the individuals who think she just came out for attention.

Do you think she uses her sexuality for attention? Share your thoughts with us.

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