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Whitney Thore Explains Why She Won’t Date Buddy

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Whitney Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life opened up about dating Buddy Bell. Although she addressed it in the past, this time, she described how it’s really invasive that fans presume she loves him that way. Her reveal came in a Q&A on her Instagram Stories on February 23. She also spoke about a few other things that TLC fans want to know from her.

Whitney Thore – MBFFL star talks about dating Buddy Bell

MBFFL fans know that Buddy Bell rushed to support Whitney. It came when Chase Severino told Whitney he got another woman pregnant. He ended up staying with her for a long time. So fans felt she owed him a lot. Additionally, they didn’t like that she seemed quite aggressive with him on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Despite that, a lot of fans still believe that Buddy and Whitney belong together. In fact, each season of the show, people predict that they finally start dating.

Nevertheless, when Buddy celebrated his birthday, Whitney Thore claimed she’ll “never” date him. People found that so hard to believe. After all, as Meaww reminded readers,  they kissed and had a one-night stand, which convinced fans that they would date seriously. But fans persist in pushing their desire that she dates Buddy. Or marries him. Obviously, she grew annoyed when yet another fan asked the same question during her Q&A.

The TLC star answered a few random questions first

Before Whitney Thore discussed dating Buddy and why she won’t consider it, she talked about her PCOS. She also mentioned her intriguing middle name, “Way.” A fan asked her for “the best advice” for people who suffer from PCOS. Well, the TLC star opened up about that way back in 2015, according to Red Book Mag. Back then she still tried coming to grips with the fact that it could be why she put on so much weight.

Nevertheless, that was years ago. And medical research improved a lot since then. So in her reply, Whitney Thore said there’s a lot more known about it these days. In fact, much good advice may be found by simply going online So she redirected the fan to do some of their own research. Which makes sense. After all, if by chance Whitney gets it wrong, it would be a tragedy if the fan got worse.

Next, she told a fan who asked, that the name “Way” is her mom’s maiden name. Actually, her brother Hunter shares the same middle name. After that, she finally, answered the question about Buddy Bell.

Whitney Thore Explains Why She Won't Date Buddy
Credit: Whitney Way Thore | Instagram Stories

Frustrated with the repeated romance questions about Buddy

A My Big Fat Fabulous Life fan asked Whitney Thore, “Why not give Buddy a chance romantically?” Well, in her reply, she said that both she and Buddy find the question so “frustrating.” She added, “It’s not like we’re not giving it chance.” Then, she noted that they just “don’t have those feelings for each other.” Once again, she told the fan that they are just “homies.”

But Whitney Thore also feels it’s a very “invasive” question to ask. And she wondered why so many fans think they know better than Buddy and her. After all, when they watch the TLC show, that doesn’t mean they “know” the actual situation in real life.

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