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Sobbing Robyn Brown Sheds Tears During ‘Sister Wives’ Season 15 Premiere

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Sobbing Robyn Brown is living up to her nickname as the Season 15 Premiere of Sister Wives kicks off. If you haven’t watched Season 15, Episode 1 titled, “Being Strong or Being a B*tch” yet, you may want to exit this article. This article contains spoilers from the Season 15 Premiere. 

Robyn Brown sheds tears multiple times during Season 15 Premiere

Robyn Brown was given the nickname Sobbing Robyn by fans of Sister Wives. This is because fans feel like she is extremely emotional and quick to shed some tears. So, it isn’t too shocking to hear that Robyn became emotional multiple times during the Season 15 Premiere. Wondering what started the water works? Keep reading for the details.

Janelle Brown brought the whole family together to eat lunch and have a discussion. She didn’t like the distance between the family. She hated everyone feeling like single mothers. Robyn Brown shifted the conversation at one point in time asking if the “pink elephant” in the room could be discussed.

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She proceeded to make it clear she felt like she was to blame for the dysfunction. Truthfully, she never felt welcomed or comfortable in this big family. She started crying. Assuming they all blamed her for the family falling apart. The timing, however, a lot happened when Robyn joined the family. And, that didn’t mean they blamed her.

Janelle reassures Robyn isn’t the problem

Janelle gives Robyn a hug and explains no one blames her. No one thinks of her as the pink elephant in the room. She hates that Robyn feels that way. Janelle admits Robyn came into the family at an awkward time. And, she should have been absorbed into the family. But, the timing made things difficult. And, when they moved the Las Vegas… They lived separate lives.

Christine also makes her sister wife cry

Robyn Brown starts crying again later in the discussion when Christine starts to open up. Christine explains why she likes the separate lives. She feels like thinks are toxic or hostile. And, she just doesn’t feel like the rest of the family wants her to come to functions. Doesn’t think they like her very much. Robyn starts crying because this information makes her sad. She doesn’t want Christine to feel this way.

Sobbing Robyn Brown Still

Robyn proceeds to reveal she wants to have a positive relationship with her sister wives. She wants this regardless of any struggles they might be having with Kody at the time. She thinks the relationships between her and her sister wives should be strong regardless of Kody.

Do you think sobbing Robyn Brown is being too emotional? Share your thoughts with us.

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