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Julie Chrisley Gets Candid About Todd’s Estranged Daughter Lindsie

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Fans often wonder if Lindsie Chrisley has any form of contact with Julie and Todd. Likewise, fans are always quick to take digs at both parties for not recognizing each other on special holidays. That being said, fans know Todd mentioned on a podcast that his estranged daughter has asked not to be mentioned on social media. So, it is possible he’s actually respecting her wishes when he doesn’t pay tribute to her on holidays.

Us Weekly recently had the opportunity to sit down with Julie Chrisley. And, they decided to ask about her relationship with Lindsie. Did they communicate? Surprisingly, Todd’s wife didn’t shut down the discussion. She was happy to discuss her relationship (or lack there of) with her husband’s estranged daughter. What exactly did Julie say? Keep reading for the details.

Julie Chrisley spills on her relationship with Lindsie

As those who follow the Chrisley Knows Best family know, it has been roughly two years since accused her father Todd of extortion. Unfortunately, the estranged relationship has not improved. According to Julie, neither she or Todd communicate with his estranged daughter Lindsie at all. In fact, it sounds like the only updates they receive about Lindsie… Are the same updates Chrisley Knows Best fans get via Instagram and media outlets.

Despite the drama in their past and their clearly rough relationship… Julie doesn’t seem to hold any ill will toward Lindsie. In fact, Julie was just as classy as ever as she continued to speak to the outlet. She explained: “I wish her well, and, you know, that’s it.”

So, just because Lindsie doesn’t have a relationship with Todd and Julie… It doesn’t mean they wish or want bad things for her.

Todd’s estranged daughter has also shared this way of thinking

Lindsie Chrisley has made it clear on Instagram she has no relationship with her father. (Or really anyone on that side of the family). But, that doesn’t mean she wishes bad things for him. In fact, we learned Todd Chrisley became very ill with COVID-19 last year. He revealed to fans he had never felt so sick in his life. He even spent a little time in the hospital.

His estranged daughter Lindsie because a bit overwhelmed when the news broke. She had Instagram trolls DMing her on Instagram asking if she was happy her father was sick. Likewise, they wondered if she wished for COVID-19 to take his life.

Lindsie Chrisley Slams ‘Disgusting’ Coronavirus Trolls Attacking Her Father

Despite her poor relationship with her father, she wasn’t having it. She clapped back at the trolls. Made it clear she would never wish for bad things to happy to her father. He would always be her father. Even if they had no relationship and didn’t communicate.

Does it make you sad that Julie and Todd have no relationship with Lindsie Chrisley? Do you hope they make amends and find their way back to each other one day? Share your thoughts and stick with us for everything Chrisley related!

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