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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Urge Christine Brown To ‘Tone Down’ Her Eyebrows

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Sister Wives fans have turned their attention to Christine Brown and her eyebrows. Interestingly enough, fans of this TLC series seem a bit obsessed with eyebrows. They are constantly attacking Christine Brown’s sister wife Meri for her chaotic eyebrows as well.

Christine Brown shares a selfie, not received well by Instagram

Christine Brown is all Sister Wives fans are talking about right now. Why? Well, she posted a selfie on Instagram yesterday. And, the selfie has fans talking. And, not in a good way. Fans have been dragging the photo since she posted it.

Some note she does not look like herself. Some note she looks like a man. And, some even think she just looks unwell. Is she losing weight too fast? Is this even her in the photo? Fans have all sorts of theories on it at this point.

Regardless, we do know that Christine Brown is actually in the photo. Likewise, she isn’t a man. She’s been losing some weight. And, she is getting older.

Some of the trolls decided to hone in on one specific facial feature. Her eyebrows. A facial feature Sister Wives fans are pretty obsessed with.

Fans urge her to ‘tone down’ her eyebrows

One Sister Wives fans told Christine she needed to “tone down” her eyebrows. The fan proceeded to explain the thick and noticeable eyebrows took away from the rest of her face. They were a huge distraction. And, they were not flattering. The comment was liked nearly 50 times. So, this person was not alone in feeling this way. See the comment and some of the responses in the screenshot below.

Christine Brown Instagram

Another follower hopes Christine Brown will look outside of her family for help. As we previously mentioned, Meri Brown takes heat for her eyebrows all the time. Meri, however, did clap back at her critics on Instagram. She even decided to turn her Instagram comments off for a period of time. If Christine continues to get this negativity… Maybe she should consider turning her comments off as well.

Still, those hating on the eyebrows wondered if Meri Brown helped her style them.

Several other fans responded to the hate on the eyes. They noted they agreed with the criticism. They thought it drew too much attention to her aging face. And, she needed to “tone down” on them just a bit.

Does Christine Brown Normally Get So Much Hate On Instagram?

Why are Sister Wives fans so obsessed with eyebrows? We aren’t really sure. But, he’s hoping Christine Brown isn’t feeling too down about the criticism.

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