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Are These Two Bates Sisters Fighting For The Spotlight?

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Two of the Bringing Up Bates sisters might be fighting over the spotlight. At least, that’s what it looks like to a couple of fans. Here’s what’s going on between the sisters.

Josie Balka announces pregnancy

Recently, Josie and Kelton Balka revealed that they’re expecting their second baby. Previously, they had a miscarriage. So, they are happy that everything is going smoothly so far. The baby will arrive this summer, right before their daughter Willow turns two.

The couple shared several photos to announce the pregnancy. They had a cute photoshoot, complete with balloons, confetti, and sonogram photos. Josie and Kelton are all dressed up for the occasion.

Alyssa Webster shares maternity photos

Alyssa shared her maternity photos on Instagram recently and publicly apologized to her followers for it. The Bates daughter is pregnant with her fourth daughter. So, she wanted to share these pictures with the world. After all, this might be her last baby due to her health issues.

Alyssa shared her maternity photos on the same day that Josie announced her pregnancy. And this is what started the speculation that there’s a feud between the sisters.

One of the Bringing Up Bates sisters is accused of trying to “steal the attention”

Alyssa was accused of stealing the attention from her sister. In the comments section of her maternity photos, one fan wrote, “Seems like your trying to steal the attention from Josie and her big news today.” The comment received a “like” from another fan who seemingly agrees.

Is anything going on between the Bates sisters?

Shortly after the fan accused Alyssa of trying to get the attention, she offered an explanation. The Bates daughter writes, “not at all my intention. I didn’t realize she was posting today until after I posted my maternity pics.”

Plenty of other fans backed Alyssa up, pointing out that she shouldn’t have to plan her social media posts around her sisters’ posts. They are referring to the first comment as “ridiculous.”

So, based on Alyssa’s response, it seems like things are all good between the Bates sisters. At this point, Josie hasn’t stepped in to share her thoughts on the matter. Luckily, it looks like it’s all blowing over quickly. And no other fans seem to be weighing in negatively.

So, are surprised to see rumors of a possible feud between Josie Balka and Alyssa Webster? Do you believe Alyssa’s explanation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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