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Danielle Busby Chimes In On Rushing Riley To The Hospital

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Danielle Busby declares “this is a first for us” as her husband Adam rushed RiRi (Riley) to the hospital last night. Safe to assume the OutDaughtered mother stayed home with their five other girls while Adam took Riley to the emergency room. Given the age of the girls and how many they have… Some find it a little surprising this is the first time an accident resulted in an unexpected trip to the ER.

Danielle Busby took to her own Instagram Stories

The mother-of-six took to her own Instagram Stories to share Adam’s clips from the hospital visit. She added captions to the video clips with her own commentary. Perhaps her way of being there in spirit. Likewise, her way of expressing her thoughts to her followers on Instagram.

As Adam and RiRi explained how she got hurt… Danielle assumed some would ask why there was water on the bathroom floor. Now, anyone with small children would know the answer. But, still. Danielle explained.

“Why was there water? BC They took the water faucet sprayer and decided to spray the floor. Why? ‘Because that’s funny’ said the quintuplets.” Danielle penned in the caption. Explaining why the bathroom floor was wet to begin with.

Danielle Busby Instagram
[Danielle Busby Instagram]
She added: “LOL! Yep! They have to put a ‘BANDAID’ on it SHHHH!! But Don’t tell her we mean stitches or staples.”

So, is RiRi alright?

Naturally, the biggest question OutDaughtered fans have is simple. Is Riley Busby alright? Adam Busby has since taken to his Instagram profile to update fans. He went for a more static update as opposed to another Instagram Stories update.

Adam even pulled Riley’s hair up and showed the gash on the back of her head. Fans could clearly see a single staple in her hair. Holding the gash together. Wasn’t exactly the type of Band-Aid Riley was expecting…. But, it definitely was the type of treatment she could not get at home.

‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Rushes Riley To Hospital After Little Accident

Prior to entering the emergency room… Adam explained to fans this was a precautionary measure. They were not sure if Riley would need stitches or stapled. They just did not want to take a head injury lightly. She, however, was a real trooper the entire time. Even if she was clearly nervous in the parking lot. And, in the waiting room.

Danielle Busby Instagram
[Danielle Busby Instagram]
Here’s hoping the OutDaughtered family can stay out of the emergency room for a while! Likewise, we are just glad Danielle Busby’s daughter Riley is doing alright.

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