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Meri Brown May Have Doomed ‘Sister Wives’ Future & Here’s Why

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Meri Brown might’ve doomed the future of TLC’s Sister Wives. And, chances are pretty good she doesn’t even realize she’s done it. Why? Well, because it was a pretty innocent thing on her part. But, it might have a devastating impact on the series. What did she do exactly that doomed the future of the series? Keep reading and we will explain.

Meri Brown claims Kody, shuts down split rumors

As we previously reported, Meri did something unexpected on Instagram recently. She claimed Kody. She declared her love for him. Likewise, she reaffirmed her marriage and relationship. Meri Brown slammed those who felt the need to question the validity of her relationship.

Likewise, Meri Brown reminded everyone she had a life outside of Kody Brown. And, that life included grown adult male friends. She could be friends with a man without it being anything more than that. Furthermore, she didn’t owe an explanation about her life to anyone. It was her life. Her relationship. And, her marriage.

Sister Wives fans have mixed reactions

Some Sister Wives fans were here for this affirmation. They adore this family. Like Meri, they were sick of seeing people attack this marriage. Others, however, don’t care for Kody. They don’t like the way he treats Meri. Likewise, they feel the entire family treats Meri like garbage. And, they think she deserves much better.

Still, fans only see what TLC producers want them to see. And, really, how interesting would a family that always gets along be to watch. Fans have long since assumed TLC producers stir drama within the Brown family just to keep things interesting. And, THAT is the problem with Meri shutting down the split rumors.

Meri Brown shattered the narrative painted by TLC

TLC has painted this narrative that has Meri on the outs. A narrative that features jealous wives. And, a narrative that has fans thinking Meri only comes around long enough to film before disappearing again. Meri Brown taking to Instagram to insist her marriage is fine… Well, it paints a completely different picture. With a single Instagram post, Meri Brown shattered the narrative TLC has worked hard to build.

Is It Meri Brown’s Fault Fans Thought She & Kody Were Over?

So, what does that mean for the future of Sister Wives? Well, it is going to be hard TLC to continue down the current narrative with Meri singing about a happy marriage on Instagram. That’s for sure.

Do you think Meri Brown might’ve doomed Sister Wives? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. They should have kept filming. We dont have to see happy all the time. I would have liked to follow their lives.

  2. If anyone dooms anything I think it will be Kody. One minute he wants to wear the pants and be the man then the next he doesn’t care and wants to give up. If your life is too hard then change it quit whining and being such a little girl! He also needs to stop using Meri for ratings, she is so much better than him and deserves to be happy.

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