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‘Sister Wives’: Is Christine Brown Jealous Of Meri?

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Is Sister Wives star Christine Brown jealous of Meri? Her recent social media activity certainly seems to suggest that might be the case.

Christine Brown follows Meri in poetic BLM statement.

Now, both of the Sister Wives stars were pretty late to joining the black lives matter movement. Meri Brown took to Instagram a few days ago to post a very long BLM post. It was a very raw and real post. In the post, Meri went into detail about why she had been silent up until that point. Unfortunately, Meri realized being silent might be sending the wrong message to her followers. So, she felt speaking up was necessary.

Now, Christine Brown made a post right around the same time as Meri wishing there was more love in the world.

Our world is crazy right now! This year has been SO HARD so far! From fires to looting to killing to shaming. It seems like being ‘perfectly imperfect’ fits for all of us though. No matter how we stand politically or socially. I wish this was a world where we could all have honor and trust and hey, a lot more love would be awesome too!”

Unlike Meri’s post, Christine’s post didn’t specifically address BLM. Nor did it use any hashtag to indicate that was what it was for.

Roughly 12 hours ago, Christine takes to Instagram again. This time she is much more direct in what her post is about. She discuss how easy it is to support black lives matter.

Unfortunately for Christine, Sister Wives fans can’t help but notice that she posted her support of the movement just after Meri.

Christine makes a habit of trying to ‘one-up’ her sister wife.

Sister Wives fans have long suspected Christine Brown has an issue with her sister wife Meri. She just appears to ooze with jealousy. And, it always feels like she’s trying to “one-up” Meri. This is very true of their social media activity. A little while ago, Meri Brown revealed she was going to the gym. Working on herself. Shortly after, Christine Brown took to Facebook to flaunt a significant amount of weight loss. Fans couldn’t help but notice the timing.

Now, again, it feels as if Christine is trying to “one-up” Meri with a BLM post.

So, do you think Christine Brown is jealous of Meri? Does it feel like she is trying to “one-up” her actions on social media? Tell us about it in the comments!

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