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Jeremy Roloff Shows Bode How To Build Fire, What About Ember?

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Jeremy Roloff shared a collection of adorable snaps of his son Bode on Instagram this week. The photos reveal Jeremy and Bode spending some quality dad-and-son time together.

Jeremy Roloff teaches Bode to build a fire

As hard as it is to believe, it has been nearly a year since Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed Bode into the world. And, Jeremy is starting to realize just how much of a role model he is to his son as Bode continues to grow. As Bode nears the age of one, his dad recognizes he’s watching more and more to learn how daddy does things.

“He’s starting to watch me more and more these days. When I stand, where I walk, how I act, what I say. A reminder that we likely teach far more by our indirect actions than with our direct words.” Jeremy explained.

Making this realization, Jeremy Roloff decided it was time to start teaching Bode some basic skills. One of which being how to build a fire. After all, making a fire is a valuable survival skill that can be extremely useful to know how to do in an emergent situation.

The collection of photos showed little Bode watching very intently as his father went through the steps of constructing a fire. The little one’s curiosity could be seen sparkling in his eye as he was clearly soaking up all of the information like a sponge.

The last photo in the collection featured little Bode looking back at the camera (and probably daddy). And, it felt as if he was thanking Jeremy Roloff for the life lesson.

But, what about his daughter Ember?

Now, little Bode has an older sister named Ember. And, LPBW fans could not help but wonder if she got the same special attention and lessons from daddy. After all, who said building a fire is something only boys should know how to do? One follower took to the comments to hope that Jeremy took the time to teach Ember these skills as well. The individual explained she had very special memories of her father teaching her the same skill.


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Jeremy did not respond to the comment. But, it did get nearly a dozen likes. So, it was clear some of his followers felt the same way.

It goes without saying that his Instagram followers have no way of knowing whether or not Jeremy sat down with Ember and gave her the same skills at some point in time. After all, just because he didn’t document it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

So, do you think Jeremy needs to spend more time with Ember? Share your thoughts and stick with us for the latest Roloff related news.

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