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Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Gets Candid About Grief, Doesn’t Want Pity

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Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel unloaded her own emotional baggage on Instagram the same day as her husband. The fiery red head explained that she wanted to spend some time writing about her grief. But, she didn’t want her followers to pity her. She knew they were sorry. Any decent human being would be. Isabel Roloff is very passionate about writing. And, the captions of her Instagram posts are often an emotional outlet for her.

So, what did Isabel Roloff have to say about her grief?

Isabel Roloff noted it was natural and normal to feel sorry for someone after a loved one passes away. She, however, also acknowledges it is an uncomfortable situation for someone to be in. After all, no one wants to respond the wrong way to someone who is grieving.

Words don’t take the pain away but they are, of course, nice to hear. But please don’t talk to me like. I haven’t made peace with it. Because I have.”

One of the biggest problems Jacob’s wife seems to have with grieving is people telling her how to feel. She knows how she feels. It isn’t something she needs the outside world to tell her. And, that is certainly true of the following of a reality TV show that she has nothing to do with beyond being married to someone who was once a part of the show.

“I know my loved ones are somewhere better, somewhere wonderful, although I do still sometimes wish that were here with me,” she continued.

Jacob Roloff’s wife admits some days are easier than others.

Some days are easy. And, some days are hard. That’s the most difficult part of losing a loved one. The pain never goes away. You just get better at dealing with it.

I would love it if we could stop talking to grieving people like they are shells of themselves, or constantly plagued by sadness, or downtrodden. Grieving people are the strongest people you will ever know. They walk tall through the world even though their hearts are permanently broken. And if that doesn’t describe a warrior, I don’t know what else would.”

Isabel explained people who are grieving often don’t get enough credit. Their friends and family walk on egg shells around them. Why? Because they are worried about making the individual feel worse. Creating that distance and walking on those egg shells, however, is often what really makes it worse.

She concluded: “But I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I want you to celebrate with me that I have forged a beautiful life from the ashes and the depths of grieving, for them, for me.”

Is she asking people not to feel sorry for her husband?

The timing of this Instagram post is hard to ignore. Sure, it is about HER grief. But, her husband just unloaded some serious emotional baggage on Instagram the same day. And, it would be hard to ignore it completely. LPBW fans can’t help but wonder if Isabel is, perhaps, asking people not to tell her husband how to feel at the same time.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

What did her Instagram followers think of this post?

Now, Jacob Roloff’s mother Amy caught a lot of heat for posting normal and personal things after he alleged he was abused as a child. It, however, doesn’t appear as if people came after Jacob’s wife in the same fashion. Instead, her Instagram comment section was filled with love and support. Her followers really seemed to enjoy reading her powerful words.

Do you think Isabel Roloff might be on to something about how grieving people might not want pity? Share your thoughts in the comments with us.

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