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‘Sister Wives’ Season 15 Update? Fans Demand More Info

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Sister Wives fans are constantly asking every member of the cast for a Season 15 update on all social media platforms. Any time a member of the cast (especially one of the core sister wives) posts something on social media, you don’t have to look hard to find fans asking for a Season 15 update.

Sister Wives Season 15: Will It Happen?

Now, it is probably worth mentioning that TLC never made an official announcement about the future of Sister Wives. So, we don’t have a release date or premiere date for Season 15. But, we don’t even really have a confirmation of Season 15 in an official capacity.

That being said, multiple members of the cast have all but spilled the beans on confirming Season 15. More than likely because of contract, there’s a lot of information they can’t release about Season 15. But, they’ve spilled just enough to confirm a Season 15 was likely going to happen.

Fans are desperate for some sort of update.

According to a report by Soap Dirt from a few months ago, fans of Sister Wives continue to demand information on Season 15. A release date. A premiere date. Or, even just a trailer. Something to hold us over until the actual release.

Yesterday, Janelle Brown confused Sister Wives fans by promoting a new streaming service. The TLC personality shared that Sister Wives would be part of the new Discovery Plus streaming service. And, this caused confusion among fans. They worried this meant Sister Wives was leaving TLC.

And, they were not alone. Counting On fans worried about the same thing. Fortunately, none of these shows are leaving TLC. They are just part of the Discovery family. So, they’ll also be on the Discovery Plus streaming service.

What do we know about Season 15 of Sister Wives?

Now, we never got a “Tell all” episode from Season 14 of Sister Wives. This was frustrating to a lot of fans. We did get Kody Brown sounding off about “unfinished business.” And, we assume this was his way of trying to encourage another season of the TLC series to happen.

Fans expect to see the series branch out for Season 15. For example, we know Ysabel Brown will have a bit of a story arc in Season 15. We know she was diagnosed with scoliosis and needed a surgery to fix her spine. Ysabel has already had the surgery. And, the surgery went well. But, we’ve reason to believe this will be a story arc during Season 15.

‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Drops Major Hint There Will Be A 15th Season

There is also a pregnancy within the Sister Wives family right now. And, it would make sense for the pregnancy to have a story arc. After all, who doesn’t like a good pregnancy journey and an adorable little baby?

It’s also safe to assume the pandemic will be featured during Season 15. Sister Wives fans suspect Kody Brown has spent most of the pandemic with his “favorite wife” Robyn. So, it would make sense for the cameras to feature the couple hunkered down amid the pandemic. That being said, it would be interesting to see how Kody Brown handled having several different wives during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, there is really just a lot of speculation and theories regarding Sister Wives Season 15 as we wait for an official update. Do you hope we see another season soon? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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