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‘Sister Wives’ Season 15: Confirmed By A Cast Member?

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Did Janelle Brown just drop confirmation of Sister Wives Season 15 on Twitter?

Sister Wives aired their final episode of Season 14 back in April. For four months, fans have been playing the will TLC or won’t TLC renew Sister Wives for Season 15 game. But, did we just get confirmation that Season 15 is going to happen from one of the sister wives? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives Season 15: Do fans even want this to happen?

Now, we’ve discussed will TLC renew Sister Wives for a Season 15 a few times. We’ve also discussed the fact that a lot of fans are not sure that is what they want. Many argue one of the only real highlight of Season 14 was the final episode titled, “Two Moms, Their Daughter, and A Baby.” For those who don’t remember the episode, here’s the synopsis:

Kody and Robyn are struggling with the bank as the mortgage process is not designed for plural marriage; in North Carolina, Maddie’s water breaks at the mall; Evie K is born, but when she has problems breathing, an ambulance is called.”

Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush even took to Instagram after the episode aired to gush about how overwhelmed they were by the support they got from Sister Wives fans following the birth of their daughter.

Some fans have argued that unless the “story line” for Season 15 is better, they don’t want it. This, however, causes conflict among fans as Sister Wives is a reality TV show. After all, many members of the Brown family have insisted the show is not scripted. And, that is why fans sometimes find it “boring.”

So, did TLC make the decision to renew?

Has Sister Wives been renewed by TLC for a Season 15? Well, it certainly seems that way. Janelle Brown had a fan on Twitter that wanted to know if building plans had moved forward. They, however, understood the sister wife likely couldn’t discuss building plans. So, they shifted the question and asked whether she could just confirmed Season 15 was going to happen.

Now, Janelle Brown did not directly say yes or no. But, she more or less confirmed TLC renewed Sister Wives for Season 15. In fact, she encouraged the fan in the tweet below to follow TLC for news of the new season.

See the tweet below.

So, those interested in Season 15 of Sister Wives should follow TLC on Twitter for the latest scoop. Chances are pretty good the Sister Wives stars will retweet any news related to their show though.

Sister Wives Season 15: How do fans feel about this info?

The Sister Wives stars followings are much smaller on Twitter than they are on Instagram. But, Janelle seems to be a bit more active on Twitter. Perhaps it is because she does not have to attach a photo or video to post a message on Twitter. Just on Instagram. Still, how do those who follow her on Twitter feel about this information? Well, here’s what some of them had to say.

  • “Is there a start date for the new season?”
  • “Yay! Can’t wait until the new season! Looking forward to the premiere date!”
  • “More episodes! Longer episodes! Please @TLC love these ladies!”
  • “Cant wait for another season love watching the family on tv just really hope it will be soon.”

One individual questioned if they had any money left to do any building in the new season. Overall, however, most of the responses to Janelle’s post were positive.

So, do you think a Season 15 of Sister Wives is going to happen? Do you think TLC will announce it soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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