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Christine Brown’s Latest Business Ventures Causes Issues For Robyn

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Sister Wives fans have watched the entire Brown family (especially Christine and Meri) pushing various business ventures pretty hard. Most of these business ventures include selling things online to their adoring fans. One of the biggest being LuLaRoe. Both Christine and Meri Brown have large Facebook groups where they regularly go live and sell LuLaRoe products to their fans.

That being said, it looks like Christine Brown has a new business venture. And, oddly enough, it is her sister wife Robyn that is catching some heat for it.

Christine Brown hawks Robyn’s jewelry line

Considered to be Kody Brown’s favorite wife, Robyn isn’t very active on social media. Fans assume Kody quarantined with her and spends all major holidays with her. So, perhaps, she enjoys the married life with Kody while the rest of her sister wives are earning the bread. That being said, Robyn Brown did have a line of jewelry. And, it looks as if Christine Brown has decided to try to start hawking the products.

Turns out, however, Sister Wives fans are not really feeling the jewelry. And, Robyn is receiving some of the blow back from the heavy criticism.

My Sisterwife’s Closet

Robyn Brown once kicked off a business venture called My Sisterwife’s Closet. It, however, was a very, very short lived stint. In fact, the website of the store isn’t even updated anymore. Instead, the site offers a notification that reads: “We’ll be back soon! We are busy updating the store for you. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!”

It doesn’t look like Robyn has updated anything since it was shut down last year. Moreover, it’s been just shy of two years since she posted anything on Instagram. According to The Sun, My Sisterwife’s Closet is still a registered business in the state of Arizona with an active license.

Turns out, Christine Brown decided to try adding Robyn’s discounted jewelry line to her LuLaRoe live selling sessions. She explained that Robyn wasn’t available to be a part of the sell. Christine offered the jewelry line at $10 a piece. And, she plans on selling more jewelry in the future.

Sister Wives fans can only assume they must be hurting for money if they are double dipping into Robyn’s forgotten business venture.

Sister Wives fans remain unimpressed

The users of Reddit didn’t pull any punches when it came to Robyn’s jewelry line. And, they couldn’t believe Christine was selling low quality junk for $10 a piece. One individual noted fans should save their money and buy a meal at McDonalds instead.

Others couldn’t believe there wasn’t a single person that attended Christine’s live that spoke up to how awful the jewelry was.

Some opted for bashing Robyn as they knew she originally charged a lot more than $10. Likewise, they questioned if she would ever bother updating her site or her Instagram.

Do you think Sister Wives fans are being too hard on Robyn and Christine Brown? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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