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’90 Day Fiance’ Yazan Is Ready To Make A Lifelong Commitment To Brittany Banks

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Yazan Abu Horira and Brittany Banks have had a tough time making their romance work. Between the cultural difference and overcritical parents, they have had to work hard to give their relationship a chance. Is Yazan ready to put the difference aside and make a commitment to Brittany? Is Brittany even ready for that type of commitment?

Can the two make it work?

Brittany and Yazan havEt Websitee already given up so much to be with each other. Brittany moved to a foreign country to be with a man she wasn’t sure would be right for her. Yazan’s father fired him from the family business and kicked him out of the house because of their relationship.

Are these two one of the most toxic couples?

These two reality stars are one of the most toxic couples in the 90 Day Fiance franchise history according to fans. Brittany and Yazan have had so many arguments on the show. A big blow out between the two happened when Yazan decided to blame Brittany for a car accident. An accident that happened while Brittany wasn’t in the country.

Yazan’s culture is very strict

Yazan is from a conservative, Islamic, strict family in Jordan, and it’s against his religion to drink or for women towear certain clothes.  It has been hard for the young, and dramatic Brittany to adjust to Islamic culture and her fiancé, per Blasting News.com

Yazan feels that Brittany isn’t respected him or his culture

Yazan can’t wait years to get married and explains to Brittany, “I can’t have a girlfriend, sweetheart. I can’t make my God angry with me. Like, we have to get married.” In fact, they have to decide within a month. Viewers know that Brittany just got a divorce from her previous husband and may not be ready to marry.“I don’t like that he’s giving me a month to marry him. There are so many other things we haven’t even discussed yet.” In the end, Yazan just told her, “I swear Brittany, I want to be with you. That’s just it.” Brittany tells the cameras.

Yazan wants to marry Brittany but she doesn’t seem to share those feelings

Marrying Yazan doesn’t seem to be on Brittany’s mind. Could this be the end of their relationship or will Brittany change her mind? Going ahead with marrying a man that she has so little in common with? Will Yazan even stay around while Brittany contemplates her choices?

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