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’90 Day Fiance’ Yazan’s Dad Says He Will Kill Him Over Brittany

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Stars Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira had a rocky start to their relationship.  Yazan’s Family disapproves of their son’s relationship with Brittany. But his parents recently decided to take their disapproval to a new level.

Brittany Banks can make the move but won’t embrace the culture

Brittany and Yazan have fought over and over due to their many cultural differences. She has still not chosen to convert to the Yazans Islam religion. Aware of the Strict Islam religion Brittany decided to make the move to Jordan anyway.

No job and no place to love for Yazan Abo Horira

In last week’s episode, Fans watched as Yazan’s father kicked him out and fired him after his family told him about Brittany’s revealing social media photos. Yazan goes on to explain that the pictures were old, but his father disapproved. Brittany's InstagramAt one point in time, leaving his son sleeping on the streets. According to an article, that was written by ET. 

Hoping that the brother bond is strong enough

Yazan decided to met up with his younger brother and went on to insist that the rumors people were spreading were not true. People said that the two are already sleeping together even though they aren’t married, also that they were shooting pornography. He asked his brother to speak to their dad on his behalf, and while his brother agreed, he also wondered why Yazan still wanted to be with Brittany. Yazan stated that Brittany had already given up a lot to be with him.

Yazan’s dad doesn’t give in and goes to the extreme

Cameras showed Yazan’s brother made good on his word ro meet with their father. The father does seem moved by his son’s plea but shows no empathy. Yazan’s father said that he has brought dishonor to their family and wanted the awful rumors to stop. His dad says he will be his son’s murderer if he has to.

Brittany don’t know if she wants to be with Yazan 

Back in Flordia getting a Divorce from her first husband, Brittany was unaware of the drama taking place in Jordan. She returns but things are not happy between the two. On the way to her flight back to Jordan, they got into yet another loud altercation.  The episode ends with Brittany telling cameras that she didn’t know if she wanted to return to Jordan. She even states that she didn’t know if he would be there to greet her at the airport when she arrived.



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