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‘LPBW’ Star Amy Roloff Is ‘Amazed’ She ‘Survived’ Matt Roloff

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff recently admitted she was “amazed” she had been able to survive her ex husband Matt as long as she had. On Matt’s side of things, however, the feelings are pretty mutual. Even their son Zach Roloff recognized the toxicity of their relationship. And, he truly felt it was in the best interest of his parents to put some distance between them.

Amy Roloff is surprised she put up with Matt for as long as she did.

Now, as we previously reported, Matt Roloff got candid about the real reason he and Amy are not married anymore. And, it has to do with them moving at two different paces. LPBW have been calling Amy both a hoarder and a procrastinator for a few weeks now. And, it appears as if Matt Roloff feels the same. In fact, it is that extra slow moving pace that Amy moves at that Matt believes is the reason they just didn’t work.

Amy Roloff, however, thinks it is important for fans to know she wasn’t the only problem in the relationship. It wasn’t all rainbows and gumdrops being with Matt. In fact, she admitted she was surprised she put up with being around him as long as she did. Looking back at it now, she’s not sure how she made it.

The LPBW star reflects on her relationship with Matt.

Amy Roloff doesn’t care for the way Matt spoke to her as she packed and moved into a new home. Now, the viewers at home mostly agreed with Matt. And, some did his girlfriend Caryn. But, Amy Roloff didn’t care for the tone he used to speak with her. Likewise, she couldn’t believe she put up with the condescending negativity for so long.

There’s a process to certain things and that process is different for everybody. But, the whole conversation I just thought was … it just speaks volumes to me, the type of personality he has. And I’m amazed that I survived with it as long as I have.”

Just about everyone who followers Little People, Big World agrees Matt and Amy Roloff made the right decision in ending their relationship. It was a very toxic relationship. And, they just aren’t good for each other. Likewise, fans hope they can both move on and find happiness in their new relationships. And, this all starts with Amy Roloff moving off of the Roloff Farms property!


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So, do you think Amy and Matt Roloff made the right decision splitting up? And, do you think she is right to question how she stayed with him for so long?

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