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Netflix’s ‘Holidate’ Stars Emma Roberts Finding Her Perfect Plus-One

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Netflix’s Holidate is a romcom for singletons who are hopeful romantics. Starring Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), Luke Bracey (Point Break), Jake Manley (The Order), Jessica Capshaw (Grey’s Anatomy), Frances Fisher (Unleashing Mr. Darcy) Manish Dayal (90210), and Kristin Chenoweth (A Christmas Love Story), this new Christmas movie will entertain.

What Is Netflix’s Holidate About?

Sloane (Roberts) is an overworked, and forever single woman who is hounded by family and friends for her lack of a boyfriend. According to the Netflix Holidate preview, her mom, Elaine (Fisher) even interrupts her workaholic daughter online to introduce her to a doctor. That is because Sloane is the only single one in her family.

However, thanks to her wacky and edgy Aunt Susan (Chenoweth), Sloane gets set up with Jackson (Bracey), who is a guy in the same boat. He is “done causally dating during the holidays.”

Fueled by their mutual disdain for the holidays, the two team up to survive the Christmas holiday season by being each other’s plus-one. Subsequently, they are now each other’s “holidate.” This is a date solely for the holiday. No pressure. No commitment. Just the mutual need for someone to survive the holidays without the pressure of a relationship.

But, this is more than a Christmas holiday movie. Sloane and Jackson continue this flirty “holidate” relationship into Easter, then the Fourth of July. Will Sloane and Jackson stop the partying long enough to realize that this relationship is more than a convenience?

You will need to watch to find out. Above all, to see a Dirty Dancing reenactment. Sounds like a delightful way to start out the holiday season!

Netflix will drop Holidate on Wednesday, October 28.

Emma Roberts Excited About Holidate 

On her Instagram, expectant mama, Emma Roberts, wrote: “Get ready you guys!! You’re gonna love this one #holidate 🎁 You’ve never heard of a Holidate? It’s the perfect plus-one! That non-romantic friend who escorts you to an otherwise awkward holiday event when you don’t have a significant other. Watch us all try to try to find romance this Holiday season in the hilarious HOLIDATE on October 28th only on Netflix. #FindYourHolidate @Netflix@NetflixFilm”

Netflix Christmas Includes Kat Graham Rom-Com

Netflix has a cornucopia of holiday movies to look forward to. Kat Graham stars in Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop. Based on a real Air Force project, this is the story of a congressional aide’s trip to Guam to cut funding of this costly project. What she discovers is an appreciation for the good will, and perhaps a little romance as well.

Netflix will drop this feel good Christmas movie on Thursday, November 4.

Don’t forget The Princess Switch 2 is dropping on Thursday, November 19. Starring Vanessa Hudgens in not two, but three different roles. Moreover, this should be triple the fun in this Parent Trap-like reinvention.

Netflix will drop Holidate on Wednesday, October 28.


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