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‘My Pregnant Husband’ Stars Myles & Precious Keep Trans Awareness Alive

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My Pregnant Husband fans met Myles and Precious on TLC in July. Myles is transmasculine and Precious, his wife is a transgender woman. On the show, fans saw that Myles went through some worrying times as the birth of their daughter loomed. Delivered safely, they raise their daughter. And, on their social media, they seem unafraid of any potential prejudice.

My Pregnant Husband – Myles & Precious active on social media

Myles and Precious open their world to fans on Instagram. They keep awareness of trans people to the fore. Not so much by shouting about it, but by living their lives openly. Many people might feel a bit hesitant about that. After all, even in 2020, a lot of people frown on the lifestyle. But perhaps, their posts that show them going about their lives proves a full life without fear of prejudice is very possible.

Naturally, people love that about the My Pregnant Husband couple. While they keep their daughter Zayn off social media, everyone agrees that’s perhaps the for the best. Way too many kids feature for all the world to see, after all. ET reminded fans that they went on the show because they strongly feel the trans story is not told often enough. Myles pointed out that “80 percent of all Americans don’t know anyone who’s trans.”

Myles and Precious on Instagram

If you don’t follow Myles and Precious on Instagram, you miss out on seeing their day-to-day lives. And, mostly, they live their lives just like any other couple. While they stayed home and socially distanced during quarantine, they get out a bit more these days. In August, Precious shared a photo of them with friends on a boat. She captioned it with, “Beach please! With friends.”

In another photo, Precious revealed herself on a boat looking stunning. Nobody sat right next to her, so she captioned it with, “Social distancing proper.” Fans adore that she keeps her hair natural. And, her impeccable taste in jewelry also gets kudos. So many fans wished they could also enjoy the sun and the sea. One My Pregnant Husband fan wrote, ” Wish I was there too!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.”And, another one said, “soooo depressed i’m not there 😩.”

Myles shared a similar photo but this time, he revealed how deeply they loved each other. The two of them lay on the boat. In the background, across the water lay the city skyline. He captioned it with, “Mom and Dad life. 🌊🌊🌊 #mylesandprecious.”Β 

One appreciative My Pregnant Husband fan wrote, “Just saw my very first episode of the show. It happened to be the one where the baby was born. I couldn’t help but tear up. Sharing your story is history, it is paving the way for our future. We need this kind of light and courage right now in this crazy world. Your family is beautiful. πŸ’•.”

Do you agree that sharing their daily lives with people on social media brings a lot of awareness about trans life? Sound off in the comments below.

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