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‘Teen Mom’: Does David Eason Look Like Joe Exotic?

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It is no secret that Teen Mom fans do not like David Eason. In fact, fans of the MTV series currently believe there is trouble in his relationship with Jenelle Evans. And, once again, it stems from him consuming their live stock. The latest rumor, however, is that he’s done something to their cat. This comes after learning he killed and cooked their goat!  Now, however, some Teen Mom fans are noticing an uncanny resemblance to Joe Exotic.

Jenelle Evans recently shared a truly ‘cringeworthy’ video.

As we previously reported, Jenelle Evans shared what she thought was a fun dance video on Instagram and TikTok. The video featured herself rocking out while wearing some cute pajamas. Toward the end of her adorable dance, her significant other popped into the background and started to shake his backside. Unfortunately, her followers were NOT here for the video bomb. And, her video was flooded with negative comments.

Does David Eason look like Joe Exotic?

Turns out, a lot of Jenelle Evans’ followers think David Eason is starting to look a lot like Joe Exotic. One follower in particular called him on it in the comments of her latest Instagram video: “Gah he looks so much like joe exotic these days.” The comment was liked nearly 500 times. And, it received more than a dozen responses. So, clearly some of her followers agreed with the comparison. In fact, here’s what some of her other followers had to say.

  • “Ya think? With his extreme homophobia?”
  • “I think he’s purposely going for that look. Just like they posted that video of Kaiser writing the letter K but no other letter after that.”
  • “Hahahah I was just going to post that!! Like wth!”

One individual even jested that perhaps David Eason was prepping to be Joe Exotic’s next boyfriend.

Who is Joe Exotic, anyway?

Now, most people see and recognize the name Joe Exotic. And, those people instantly understand why people are comparing David Eason to him. But, if you aren’t sure who that is… You probably have no idea. So, who is Joe Exotic?

Maldonado-Passage is better known around the world as Joe Exotic. Joe is a former zoo operator who rose to fame thanks to the Netflix Original Tiger King. He is currently behind bars serving a 22 year sentence. He killed tigers. And, he was involved in a plan to kill his rival. He was born under the name Joseph Schreibvogel in 1963 in Kansas.

Now, you’ll have to take a look at some photos of Joe Exotic and David Eason. Then, you can decide if you think the two look similar. But, we certainly see the similar Jenelle’s Instagram followers are seeing!

So, do you think they look similar? Sound off in the comments.


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