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Fans Leave Scathing Comments On Jenelle Evans’ ‘Cringeworthy’ Video

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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans shared what she thought was a fun and cute video of herself dancing on Instagram and TikTok. Toward the end of her dance, her followers watched as her significant other David Eason bombed her video and started dancing as well.

“It’s our anniversary soon! We are celebrating now. He messed me up,” Jenelle explained in the caption before tagging David. On Instagram the video has been liked over 21,000 times and has accumulated over 1,200 comments. Now, the video has also been viewed over 123,000 times on TikTok. But, Jenelle opted to turn the comments off on this particular video. She, however, did post a draft version of the same video a few hours ago. And, she left those comments turned on.

Teen Mom fans leave scathing comments on her dance video.

Followers of Jenelle Evans were NOT here for her dance video. The Teen Mom alum has 2.9 million followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, it appears as if most of those who actually chime in on her posts don’t follow her because they actually like her. At the very least, they don’t like her significant other. And, they REALLY don’t like her dancing.

“This is so uncomfortable to watch,” one follower penned in a comment liked just shy of 800 times.

Another follower chimed in: “I thought u packed his stuff up the other night because he killed and ate y’all goat.”

“I really hope you don’t honestly think you can dance.” A third followed.

The overwhelmingly negative comments about the “cringe worthy” video continued. Very few had anything pleasant to say about the video.

  • “It’s so sad you can’t get away from him. He’s a clown.”
  • “What about the cat?”
  • “This is beyond cringy.”

Now, the Teen Mom alum does have a few fans hidden in the mix.

Fans is likely a generous word used to describe the people who follow Jenelle Evans. But, there are a few in the mix who claim to enjoy following her. One individual even admitted they were confused by all the negative comments. They didn’t understand why so many people who didn’t like her followed her.

“Keep smiling No idea why all these grown people put so much energy into bullying you. Shine on.” The individual penned.

A second chimed in: “They’re miserable and got nothing better to do.”

The positive comment was liked nearly 200 times. So, at least some of her followers seemed to agree. Even if it was significantly less than those liking and responding to the negative comments.

So, what do you think about her latest dance video? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.


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