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Does Jana Duggar Look Like Candace Cameron Bure?

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A Reddit user recently questioned if Jana Duggar looked like Candace Cameron Bure of Full House. And, the question has the Duggar Snark community a little shook by their similarities!

Jana Duggar twins have been spotted before.

They say that everyone has at least one doppelganger somewhere in the world, but Counting On followers seem to spot Jana look-a-likes quiet often. Back in May of this year, Duggar Snarks also discussed Jana Duggar looking eerily similar to Natalee Holloway. The reason followers of the family were so wigged out by this comparison is because Natalee Holloway went missing in 2005.

Now, this latest comparison isn’t really creepy. But, the Duggar Snark community was certainly a little shook by the comparison.

“Jana reminds me of Candace Cameron Bure. Anyone else?” A Reddit user asked in a thread published a few hours ago.

The thread had nearly 500 upvotes and just shy of 100 comments. So, clearly this potential Jana Duggar look-a-like was something worth talking about.

Jana reminds me of Candace Cameron Bure. Anyone else? from DuggarsSnark

The thread included two side-bye-side photos of Candace Cameron Bure and Jana Duggar. In each of the photos, the ladies had similar hair styles and smiles. Duggar Snarks were a little taken by the fact that they did look similar.

Duggar Snarks react to the Jana Duggar and Candace Cameron Bure comparison.

Now, when the thread emerged with Natalee Holloway being compared to Jana Duggar not everyone supported it. In fact, the original poster caught some heat for making such a bizarre comparison. There, however, were others that pointed out it wasn’t the first time Jana was compared to the missing girl. That being said, no one seemed to recall Jana being compared to Candace Cameron Bure before.

Moreover, there wasn’t nearly as much of a push back on the comparison. Several Duggar Snarks even had some amusing jokes to share about the comparison.

  • “One of them lives in a full house and the other one starred in Full House.”
  • “That is trippy. Is that really Jana? Cuz it looks just like D.J.”
  • “I think that might be where the similarities are – eyes and smile. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it.”
  • “Yeah and they’re equally as annoying. Maybe Candace Cameron can play an older version of Jana in a Hallmark movie about a 40 something who never found love.”

Now, Candace is currently under fire for posting a super controversial picture of herself with her husband on Instagram. Some of the Duggar Snarks were quick to joke the key difference is Jana would never post such a photo on Instagram. One individual took a dig at Jana’s sexuality jesting that she did like Candace’s racy photo.

So, do you think Candace Cameron Bure and Jana Duggar look alike? Sound off in the comments.

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