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Candace Cameron Bure Upset Christian Fans With This Instagram Post


Candace Cameron Bure upset Christian fans with her latest Instagram post. But she won’t apologize for it. The Fuller House star revealed that “all the Christians” were upset over her flirtatious photo with her husband, Valerie Bure. Fans know the actress for her Christian faith and modest style.

So, it seems they were in shock over her latest post. Candace shared a photo of herself with her husband after a round of golf. The photo in question showed Valerie’s hand resting on her breast. The couple stood on a wooden bridge as they smiled for the photo.

Candace Cameron Bure defends her Instagram post

Their flirty banter got backlash from her conservative fans. Many of them felt that it was “inappropriate.” As per the New York’s Page Six, Candace Cameron Bure posted it to her feed and then deleted it. Then she reposted it to her Instagram Stories along with a special message to those who were offended.

“For all the Christians that are questioning my post with my husband’s hand on my boob — my husband of 24 years — thinking it was inappropriate, it makes me laugh because it’s my husband,” Candace wrote in her Instagram Stories. “We have so much fun together.”

The Hallmark Channel star went on to say that her husband “can touch me anytime he wants, and I hope he does.” Candace made it clear that she was okay with the photo. She also told her followers that Valerie even gave her permission to post it.

Candace has since reposted the photo to her feed. She included it with a photo of Valerie giving her a kiss on the head. In the caption, the actress wrote, “sweet and spicy” and reminded her followers they’ve married for 24 years. The couple married in 1996 when they were young and have three children together. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Candace’s 20-year-old son just got engaged.

Fuller House star doesn’t care who she offended

Candace Cameron Bure has no regrets over posting the photo. She was just tired of the backlash, which is why she removed it from her feed before. Her Christian fans shouldn’t expect her to apologize anytime soon. She posted a clip saying that she’s not concerned over the criticism. Candace would prefer to have her husband’s wandering hands all over her.

“I’m sorry if it offended you — I’m actually not sorry,” Candace said in the clip. “I’m glad we have fun together after so many years. He can touch me all day long.”

candace cameron bure instagram stories
[Screenshot from Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram Stories]
Candace is not afraid to fight back against her followers. She even shared her support for her former Fuller House co-star Lori Loughlin. One of Candace’s followers said that Lori deserved a longer sentence than the two months she received. Candace only responded with the unamused face emoji, showing her apparent frustration over the comment.

Candace loves to display PDA on social media

That wasn’t the first time that Candace Cameron Bure shared a PDA-filled photo with her husband. She often lovingly refers to her husband as “the unicorn.” In an Instagram clip, Candace showed her followers the flowers she received from Valerie. Then she asked him to appear in the video with her. “Best birthday ever,” she beamed as he gave her a passionate kiss on the lips.

On Valentine’s Day, Candace shared this throwback photo of herself kissing her husband, much to the disgust of their children.

And while the couple thrives on kisses and physical touch, Candace told People in 2018 that their Christian faith is the foundation of their marriage.

“The reality is, the glue for us is Jesus,” she told the outlet. “It’s the Bible. You know, when there are arguments or we’re compromising, it’s always like, ‘Well, let’s just go back to the Bible.’ It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing, but doing this journey together.”

Candace Cameron and Valerie clearly have a carefree and strong marriage and it’s not up for anyone else to judge. Most people would kill to have such a relationship after so long.

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