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‘Sister Wives’: Did Janelle Regret Her Polygamous Marriage And Leave Kody?

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Sister Wives sits in-between seasons right now. So, we reported on how all the wives met and married Kody. Meri, initially at the center of all of those meetups with the other three wives seems very unhappy these days. And, some explosive news emerged about Christine Brown and her polygamous background. But, Janelle describes herself as Kody’s friend. Did she ever regret marrying into the family or ever leave him?

Sister Wives – does polygamy really suit Janelle?

Fans know that Janelle rarely looks as sour as Robyn. And, she seldom comes over as hyper-sensitive about Kody’s affections like Christine. Then, while Meri cries a lot, it’s not likely that fans expect to see Janelle weeping in her cups. We reported that Janelle initially met Kody through Meri’s brother. You might recall that before she married Kody, Janelle was married to him. Notably, though, he wasn’t part of the church that leads a polygamous lifestyle.

In an early Sister Wives episode, Janelle Brown talked about how she never came from a polygamous background. But, she made friends within the community. In fact, she joked about how she’d chat with other friends about her “polygamy” friends. So, after she and Meri’s brother split, she already seemed well into acceptance of their lifestyle.

Janelle’s mom suspicious about her daughter marrying Kody

Janelle’s mom wasn’t keen on Kody for her daughter. In fact, she was so against the idea, she crept around their courtship as she suspected some sort of cult. But then, in a surprise twist that you simply can’t make up, she fell in love with Kody’s dad. She married him before Kody married Janelle, but Kody didn’t seem thrilled about it.

In fact, the Cynical Jinx Blog noted that during a 2013 episode about Mother’s Day brunch Janelle’s mom, Sheryl described that she “she felt out of place and unwelcome” when she married Kody’s dad. And, she questioned if she did the right thing living a Sister Wives lifestyle. But, it looked like her arrival pushed Kody’s mom Genielle aside. In fact, she suffered a lot of jealousy. Stoney-faced Kody looked uncomfortable with the two women discussing it.

Mom Sheryl felt uncomfortable, did she try and stop the marriage a second time?

After discovering that polygamous life isn’t all about joy and happiness, Janelle’s mom seemed sad. If she made a mistake, maybe she didn’t want Janelle to make a similar error. In the book about the Brown family, Janelle talked about how her family took advantage of Kody’s absence and tried persuading her to leave Kody. Pregnant at the time, she stood her ground and told them where to get off.

So, no, Janelle didn’t try and leave Kody, even when she could have moved on with her family supporting her. She never quit and looks like she stays on for life. Despite meeting Kody through Meri, the two women don’t get along. At one stage, Janelle could hardly bear to even travel in the same car as her. These days, it looks ironically like Meri would love to get out of it and leave the other Sister Wives to stew in the polygamous marriage pot.


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