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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Killer Cult Family History Revealed

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown keeps her own side of the family rather private. Apart from knowing she was born into the Allred family, not a lot of info’s out there. And, it turns out there’s probably a good reason for that. Apparently, there’s a historic family connection to a killer cult.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown’s murderous great uncle killed her grandpa

Christine Brown never had any problem with marrying into Kody’s family as a third wife. After all, she came from a  polygamous family. But now, some rather shocking news emerged via a relative. They don’t talk to each other, and after the news they leaked to The Sun, that’s not likely to change. Anna LeBaron told the outlet that her dad, Ervil LeBaron “ordered the murder of Christine’s paternal grandfather, Rulon Allred.”

That rather sad news takes a shocking twist, as details reveal that Ervil was the brother of Christine’s grandfather. Anna LeBaron is the daughter of Ervil, which makes her Christine’s relative. It’s terribly complicated as Anna LeBaron, the Sister Wives star’s second cousin came from a massive family. The outlet noted that Ervil had 13 wives and they produced 51 kids.

How did Ervil become a killer in a cult?

Ervil became the leader of a fundamentalist Mormon group. Passionate, dedicated and totally “fanatical,” Ervil believed himself to be a prophet. He ran his cult with an iron fist and people who tried leaving, including wives, ended up dead. Anna LeBaron described it as a “blood atonement.” She also said that Ervil got the monicker “Mormon Manson.” If he had a problem with you, he simply gave the order and his faithful followers did the nasty death deed.

Sister Wives star Christine’s grandpa Rulon didn’t join his brother’s cult. Instead, he went off and became the leader of his own group known as the Apostolic United Brethren. Over there, Rulon was the prophet, and presumably not as bloodthirsty as his brother Ervil. The rivalry heated up between the two polygamist cults and Ervil noticed that. He declared everyone but himself a “false prophet.” So, he ordered his brother’s death. In the video below, you’ll see that Rulon was just one of many family members he ordered killed.

Rulon shot to death on the order of his cult running brother

In May 1977, Rulon died after someone — possibly Ervil’s 13th wife– shot him “in his clinic.” After his arrest for the murder, Ervil earned himself a life sentence in jail. And, he died a year or so later. The Sun noted that “Ervil was linked to at least 25 killings.” Not surprisingly, the two families don’t really hang with each other. In fact, Christine and Anna LeBaron never met. But, Anna says she wouldn’t mind hooking up with her relative on Sister Wives.

In 1992, the Los Angeles Times wrote about evil Ervil. The outlet noted that Ervil’s “influence was so powerful… that a shrinking band of wives, children and hangers-on continued to commit crimes in his name even after 1981. That’s when Ervil died at the age of 56 in prison in Utah. When they published their article, it came because, in 1992, the “U.S. Attorney’s office in Houston announced federal indictments against six members of the cult.” All those people died because the Sister Wives‘ star’s great uncle believed that God told him to kill.

Sister Wives Christine Browns grandpa Rulon
Sister Wives Christine Brown’s grandpa Rulon | Documentary Channel | YouTube

What do you think about all of this deathly cult stuff? Certainly, it makes the TLC show look tame in comparison. Sound off in the comments below.

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