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Denise Richards Explains Bloodshot Eyes After Fans Call Her Out For Being High

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Fans had a lot to say about part 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. And many of their comments were about Denise Richards’ eyes. During Wednesday’s episode, fans noticed that the actress’s eyes were bloodshot. Fans quickly took to social media to joke about Denise getting ‘high’ to deal with her co-stars. 

Fans Think Denise Richards Was ‘High’ During RHOBH Reunion

RHOBH fans are torn over whether they believe Brandi Glanville’s accusations against Denise Richards. Brandi alleges that Denise lured Brandi into an affair by saying that her husband, Aaron Phypers, was okay with it. However, after they hooked up, Brandi says Denise begged her not to tell Aaron. 

It’s a she said, she said situation, though Brandi claims to have texts to back it up. 

But one thing fans do agree on is that Denise Richards looked strange during Part 1 on the reunion. Fans quickly noted that the Wild Things actress had bloodshot eyes. Fans already think that Denise’s husband dabbles in illicit drugs. 

That speculation came after a bonkers episode earlier in the season when he tried to explain his job to the other RHOBH ladies. Both Denise and Aaron made reference to being followed because of his work. 

So, the first thing viewers noticed about Denise during the reunion was that her eyes were all red. Fans immediately began cracking jokes on Twitter that they would get high before the reunion episode, too. However, some fans seriously thought that Denise was high.

Denise Denies Being Drugged, Reveals What Caused Her Bloodshot Eyes

Since the reunion aired, Denise has been overwhelmed with tweets and Instagram comments asking for an explanation. A fan on Instagram finally got one on Thursday. Denise then directed her Twitter followers over to Instagram so they would stop asking about her eyes. 

According to Us Weekly, Denise blamed allergies for her bloodshot eyes. She revealed that she is allergic to the make-up she was using. In fact, Denise said that she still hasn’t found one that doesn’t bother her eyes. 

The B&B star is currently in Spain finishing up a movie. She confided in fans that the film’s make-up artists had to “switch to cream shadows and blotting paper.” This was due to her allergies to powder. 

In addition to the bloodshot eyes, the powder makes her nose run. She asked fans to chime in with any suggestions. Many fans obliged with recommendations and solutions. 

Instagram fan account @commentsbybravo has a screengrab of Denise’s reply to the fan.

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Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards Continue to Feud Over Money

Denise’s eyes weren’t the only thing that raised eyebrows about during the reunion. Kyle Richards made a shocking accusation against RHOBH co-star Garcelle Beauvais. Kyle alleged that the newbie bid $5K at her charity event and then never paid. 

Carcelle admitted that she didn’t pay, but says it was an honest mistake. She wondered why Kyle brought it up at the reunion. Fans wondered the same thing. Many fans felt that Kyle brought it up to make Garcelle, a fan favorite, look bad. 

The debt has since been paid. 

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs Wednesday, September 9, on Bravo. Follow us on social media for the latest TV news. 

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