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Disney Plus ‘The One And Only Ivan:’ Stream It Or Skip It?

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If you’ve recently logged into your Disney Plus account, you’ve probably stumbled upon a movie called The One and Only Ivan. Now, if you aren’t a hardcore Disney fanatic… You’ve probably wondered if this is a new Disney movie or if this is a Disney movie you just somehow managed to never see. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing this isn’t a Disney movie you somehow overlooked. This is a fresh Disney movie.

Disney+ just dropped it into their streaming services a couple weeks ago.

Disney+ embraces Disney Originals.

In order to compete with other streaming services, Disney+ needed to embrace the idea of Disney Originals. Also, referred to as Disney Exclusives. Take Netflix or Hulu, for example. Both streaming services have both movies and series that are exclusive to their streaming library. This means the only way you can watch the content is with a membership. To compete with this, Disney+ needed to do the same thing. And, that is exactly what the movie The One and Only Ivan is.

What is The One and Only Ivan about?

The One and Only Ivan is an adaption of an award-winning book. The movie (and book) tell the story of a very special silverback gorilla named Ivan. For those who enjoy live action Disney movies, this is certainly one to add to your watch list. Ivan is part of a circus. The owner of the circus (who raised Ivan since he was a baby) brings a new member into their family. A young elephant named Ruby. Ivan forms a very deep connection with Ruby. And, he makes a promise to his friend Stella. A promise that he will free Ruby from her cage.

The One and Only Ivan is a beautiful film with incredible CGI work. It tells a very heartwarming story about friendship. And, you quickly develop a connection to the animals. As far as age range is concerned, because it is a live action film with CGI animals, it may or may not hold the interest of younger children. But, it is definitely a family friendly film.

And, what do Disney Plus members think about this movie?

Now, don’t just take our word for it. Let’s see what other Disney Plus users have to say about the movie The One and Only Ivan.

“Heartwarming” and “touching” are some of the words being used to describe the sweet family film. For animal lovers and circus lovers, this is one to check out!

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