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Lisa Rinna Dishes ‘Mean Girl’ Comment & Todd Chrisley Claps Back

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RHOBH and DOOL star Lisa Rinna dished up a “mean girl” comment after Todd Chrisley revealed his decision to shave his beard and mustache. Unfortunately for the Days Of Our Lives and Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Todd Chrisley doesn’t take trolling from anyone. And, this included other celebrities. What is it that Lisa Rinna and the Chrisley Knows Best star got into it about on Instagram? Keep reading to find out.

Todd Chrisley shows off new look before ditching it just a day later.

Yesterday, Todd Chrisley caused followers to do a double take. He rocked a full face of hair. And, he certainly didn’t look like himself. Some insisted he looked more like his sons Kyle and Chase. Did the beard and mustache really suit him? Fans weren’t so sure. In fact, they were pretty mixed in how they felt about it.

The beard and mustache, however, were short lived. Turns out, Todd Chrisley’s wife isn’t a huge fan of facial hair. She, apparently, shut down the beard and mustache look pretty quickly. So, Todd was sporting a clean shave roughly 24 hours later.

It was this clean shaven selfie that caught the attention of Lisa Rinna. Unfortunately, the comment she left on the photo wasn’t what fans deemed to be very nice. In fact, many called her out as a “mean girl.” The Chrisley Knows Best star, however, was more than capable of fighting his own battles. He was quick to clap back at her.

What exactly did Lisa Rinna say about the photo?

Her comment was short and to the point. But, Todd’s followers didn’t care for it. She insisted he looked like he was only 12 years old in the clean shaven photo. While many other people agreed he looked unusually young in the photo. They thought her comment was excessive and mean.

“Well, thank God for laser , Botox and prayer.” Todd Chrisley clapped back. The reality TV father clearly wasn’t bothered by his youthful appearance. But, that didn’t stop his followers from tearing into the Bravo TV personality.

  • “@lisarinna you act 12!!!! Mean girl”
  • “At least give him drinking age.”

Surprisingly, Todd didn’t have too many people running to his defense in the comments. In fact, Lisa Rinna had several supporting her. Some agreed with her. And, others clapped back at those who told her she was being a mean girl.

“Wow..and ur comment wasnt mean?!? That was mighty 12 and mean of U! I bet u wouldnt say that to her face. I love how people r so ballsy behind their keyboards!!” One individual clapped back at those criticizing Lisa.

Others insisted she was a “doll” and Todd did look very young in the photo. So, she wasn’t being mean. Just honest.

So, do you think Lisa Rinna was being mean? Or, was this just a little playful banter?

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