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Todd Chrisley Rocks Full Beard & Mustache: Keep It Or Shave It?

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Todd Chrisley had fans doing a double take after the latest selfie he uploaded on Instagram. At first glance, fans thought he was sharing a selfie of Chase or possibly Kyle. It, however, turned out to be none other than papa Chrisley himself in the snapshot. Why were fans so confused by his selfie? Well, it is because he hadn’t shaved his face in a while. Todd Chrisley was rocking a pretty full beard and mustache. And, he certainly didn’t look like himself.

Todd Chrisley asks for feedback, should he keep it or shave it?

The photo featured a very upclose selfie of Todd Chrisley showing off his facial hair. Todd had a serious expression. And, his face even looked a little more swollen or pudgy than normal. The photo certainly showed off where Kyle Chrisley gets his looks from. But, it didn’t really look like the charismatic and easy going Todd Chrisley fans were using to seeing.

Todd Chrisley fully accepted the fact that not everyone would like the new look. He, however, wanted to know whether Chrisley Knows Best fans thought he should keep or shave the beard and mustache from his face.

“To shave or not to shave , now that’s the question ? Ignore the bedhead, but if it brings you joy to talk sh**, GO FOR IT.” The reality TV star penned in the caption of the post.

Todd Chrisley welcomed his followers to trash talk the facial hair if they felt the need to do so. But, he really he wanted to know whether he should keep or ditch the facial hair.

So, how do fans feel about the new look?

Chrisley Knows Best fans love Todd. But, Todd’s Instagram profile is always crawling with trolls. And this post was the equivalent of putting down troll bait. So, what kind of feedback did his followers give him on his facial hair? Well, it seems as if they were pretty mixed in their opinions. Some seemed to love the facial hair and others thought he needed to shave it.

Those that thought he should keep it insisted it shaved years off his face and that’s why he should keep it. Others, however, thought it drew more attention to the Botox in his face.

“Todd, please stop with the injectables! Honestly, you were super handsome.” One individual begged in the comments.

Todd was quick to reply to the criticism. He noted he hadn’t had any fillers. Like many other people, he just put on a bit of quarantine weight. He explained the facial hair had nothing to do with his swollen face. It was the fact that he’s gained ten pounds.

One individual, however, was not happy. This individual recalled Todd getting Botox.

“He has had Botox injections!! He even did it on his show!” Another individual fired back. “He acts like he’s such a Godly man, so why is he blatantly lying about it?!?!?!”

His supporters were quick to correct the individual above. They noted that Botox and fillers were not the same thing.

Unfortunately, Todd Chrisley may have to decide whether or not to keep the facial hair on his own. His followers seem pretty mixed on it!

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