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‘Sister Wives’: Will The Show Be Renewed For Another Season?

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Sister Wives‘ current season draws painfully and slowly to a conclusion. Fans already got irritated with all the bickering that goes on. So, some people got so mad, they hope the season’s the last of Kody Brown and his eternal moving around. It’s been a particularly toxic season and people tire of that. But, many fans hope for a continuation of the long-running reality series. Will it be renewed? And if so, when could fans expect it? Is there even a storyline for the future?

Sister Wives wives fans grumpy about the current season

TV Shows Ace reported that this season, fans grow increasingly irritated with the bickering and whining on the TLC show. At the end of the previous season, they knew the family planned their move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas. But, nobody seemed prepared for the never-ending bickering about where they should live. Quite a few viewers said on social media, they can’t even finish this season, never mind contemplate a future one.

Some fans now wonder if a future storyline actually emerges from the current Sister Wives‘ season. Last year, they already found material for the new move with Kody planning his giant home in secret. Now, no matter where they end up living, what other story is there? Meri and Kody still bicker over the same old issues. Most of the older children went their merry ways, and Maddie produced another child: The End…some fans believe. But Kody Brown miraculously sees the season renewed over and over. So, maybe he’ll dream up some new escapade like moving on and heading back to Utah where they relaxed the bigamy laws.

Will TLC announce a new season?

If TLC announces a new season, Cheatsheet reminds viewers they do so much later than immediately after the show ends. So, possibly fans won’t hear anything immediately. In fact, most clues they even filmed for the current season got hinted at or leaked by the wives. So, following them on Instagram might provide a clue. Some people suggested that TLC might aim a new season at Mariah and her fiance, Audrey Kriss. So, maybe Mariah lets something slip in months to come. The latest season covered their decision about one day having their own kids. But, they don’t seem in a hurry to make that happen.

The Sister Wives family become quite skilled at cryptic messages and secrecy. Meri, in particular, plays and toys with her fans. An example of this came in a recent post where she shared a photo of someone and nobody seems able to identify them. That photo and her secrecy game that amuses her hugely, doesn’t relate to a future season of Sister Wives, but she might yet post something that hints at a renewal – or not.

Fans differ on wanting a new Sister Wives season

Over on Twitter, people already speculated about the possibility of a new season. Many people hope for more, but as the show previously premiered in odd months, they can’t project when it might come. Actually, the wives have garnered a lot of fans over the years. However, many others just hate the idea. One follower said, “Not even 10 minutes into tonite’s episode & all I can say is u guys get MORE dysfunctional every week. Not 5 minutes go by that Robyn isn’t crying or someone isn’t angry. It may be time for everyone to go their separate ways. Hopefully, TLC won’t renew u next year.”

Mind you, last year people said much the same. But, TLC renewed it anyway. Probably, as long as the ratings stay high, TLC plans another season for the Sister Wives family.

What do you think about the show? Do you hope for a new season? When do you think TLC might air it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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