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TLC ‘Conjoined Twins: Inseparable’ Airs On July 16, Find Out More About Carmen and Lupita

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TLC brings some specials in July and Conjoined Twins: Inseparable airs on July 16. It slots between World’s Smallest Woman on July 9 and My Pregnant Husband on July 23. Actually, Carmen and Lupita already told their story multiple times on various documentaries and channels. Now, TLC looks at their lives as they prepare for college.

TLC reveals that Carmen and Lupita, conjoined twins, prepare for college

Conjoined twins sometimes get separated by surgery. But sometimes, the option can’t happen. On occasion, one twin may die as a result of surgery. Parents face a difficult dilemma. The parents of Carmen and Lupita opted for life for both kids, so they navigate life as two people sharing one body. Born in 2000, the 20-year-olds spent their entire lives joined together from the chest all the way down to their pelvis. Incredibly, they plan for college. At birth, doctors expected their death within days.

Nowadays, Carmen and Lupita run a YouTube channel and share an Instagram account. Remarkably, they come over very openly about themselves. Sometimes, they even joke about their condition. On one Instagram post, they wrote, “We need more conjoined twin puns for our captions. All I got is that she’s always by my side.” Then on YouTube, they reveal they hang out with friends as all teens do. One video showed them all shopping at Walmart. Certainly, it seems the conjoined twins, about to be on TLC, enjoy their life despite their challenges. People noted that the show brings their preparations as they plan for college.

Dumb things people say to the conjoined twins

Earlier this year, they shared about the dumb things that people sometimes say to them. There, they clarified that the girls live individual lives. The two separate people “just happen to be attached…like glue.” One of the dumbest questions seems to be if they both see through each other’s eyes. Actually, no. Just like you, they each have their own eyes. Often, people even ask if the girls both go to school. Sometimes, people ask if they plan on making babies. The answer came: No. No children for these two women. Overall, the message the girls put out revolves around them being totally separate individuals.

The TLC show brings two very normal girls facing life with challenges. Unbelievably, many people suggest God punishes their mom for her sins. Naturally, the conjoined twins seem shattered about that sort of superstition. However, in the comments of that video, people ask a lot of questions. In fact, many people try and stay away from trolling. Nevertheless, their interest seems very genuine. But, how do you ask about hygiene practices without sounding offensive? Perhaps, Conjoined Twins: Inseparable reveals a bit more about their practical approach to everyday things like selecting which subjects they study.

The twins clearly handle life with good humor and scathing sarcasm. Follow their journey with TLC on July 16 at 10 p.m.

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