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‘My Pregnant Husband’ Comes To TLC On July 23 With Two Dads Birthing Their Kids

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My Pregnant Husband on TLC brings the fascinating stories of two couples expecting babies. The extraordinary circumstances reveal that the dads expect babies, not the women in their lives. Myles and Ari, the two men who fall pregnant might astound you. But in the previews, fans see that their neighbors also hear about it which makes for some awkward moments.

My Pregnant Husband – airs on July 23  Myles faces complications

TLC brings a few specials this summer, like World’s Smallest Woman. My Pregnant Husband‘s another one in the lineup. The TLC show brings Myles who “identifies as transmasculine,” People reported. The other husband is Ari who opted for a transgender lifestyle. Ari’s pregnancy looks well advanced at eight months. Meanwhile, Myles, at “six-months pregnant” hears some news that might endanger his child. The preview reveals Myles going for a scan. He said that he always hoped to be a dad one day. But, he never thought he’d give birth.

In another scene from My Pregnant Husband, Myles cries as the doctor tells him his cervix thinned a lot. He may even lose his baby. To make things worse for Myles, the couple has no more eggs. If this fails, they lose their chance for their own biological child. His partner feels very nervous about the baby as well. She said that she doubts she’d make it through this if it all goes wrong. Meanwhile, Ari brings an interesting perspective as he and his wife tell the neighbors, which brings some reactions, as you probably guessed.

Ari and his wife break the news of his pregnancy to the neighbors

In the preview, Ari tells the camera that he’s ten days past his due date. Assigned female at birth, he opted for a life as a man. In the show, fans see the birth of his child. With a baby on the way, the couple decided it’s time to tell the neighbors about the pregnancy. His partner said to them. “it’s a little bit out of the ordinary.” Apparently they never previously told their neighbors about Ari being trans. So, the look on their faces tells a story.

Transgender is more acceptable nowadays, but the actual concept of pregnant men seems mind-boggling. Modern-day science and medicine bring miracles. And, it looks like TLC fans get to witnesses something previously a dream for the LGBTQ+ community. TLC said in a statement that they bring the show because of their uniqueness. Despite their differences, the show reveals a yearning for “love, understanding, and a sense of belonging.”

Be sure to tune in to watch My Pregnant Husband on July 23 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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