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‘sMothered’: Brittani Comes Out To Her Mom Mary About Her Gender Preferences

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sMothered fans just saw something even stranger going on with Brittani that usual. Despite her super-close relationship with her mom, she only told her now, that she’s bisexual. So, it looks like despite going for colonic therapy and showering together, Brittani keeps secrets from her mom.

sMothered mom Mary hears that and Brittani’s bisexual

On Sunday night’s show, Brittani finally told her mom her secret. She noted that around about the age of 13 she first kissed another girl. Brittani, still a virgin, nonetheless knew she liked girls for a very long time. But, she kept her feelings secret in case her mom judged her. Naturally, her mom accepts the news and tells her she still loves her. But, some fans likely don’t freak out too much. In the past, social media saw comments about the possibility that showering and doing intimate things together might lead to this sort of thing.

Of course, sMothered lit up Twitter as it always does. This season, Brittani and Mary must keep delivering surprises and fans are there for it. The showering together reveal came earlier in the season and we noted that Brittani suffers panic attacks. So, hopping in the shower and soaping her daughter seems Mary’s way of dealing with that. Quite why they take colonic cleansing together’s not clear. Especially as Mary shows a lot of personal interest in Brittani’s personal bits. One fan even suggested, something seemed almost “incestuous.”

Fans comment n Brittani’s gender preference reveal

Over on Twitter, fans chatted about the reveal by Brittani. One suggested that her coming out could be aimed at Frank who she doesn’t like at all. They noted, “I knew Brittani was either gay or not a virgin. She is jealous of her Mom and Frank’s relationship so she tries to sabotage it.” Meanwhile, for all that she kept a secret, one fan noted, “Oh Brittani, we could tell. Upside-down face But congrats Rainbow.#sMothered.” Of course, these days coming out’s encouraged and quite normal. But some interesting opinions came out from fans of the TLC show.

One wit suggested they know the perfect partner for Brittani, and shared a photo of Erika Owens who starred on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Fans of that show know that Erika and Stephanie never worked out. In fact, fans thought Stephanie only went on the show for fame, rather than out of genuine bisexuality. A crossover between sMothered and 90 Days would certainly make for interesting content.

Most fans seem rather happy for Brittani that she found the courage to tell her mom. But plenty of them also suspect it’s all something to do with Frank. One fan felt a creepy sort of message came through – that Brittani might even want her mom as her same-sex partner. In this stage dynamic, people read a lot into the whole situation.

Were you surprised that Brittani came out as bisexual? Or did you already figure it out? Sound off in the comments below.

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