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‘sMothered’: Mary Says She Showers With Her Daughter Brittani Because Of Panic Attacks

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sMothered returned with the second season of the show on TLC. The mom and daughter duos, who often exhibit rather bizarre behavior, draw plenty of critics on social media. This season’s newcomers, Mary and her daughter Brittani, get a lot of attention. Fans seem appalled that a young woman in her twenties still showers with her mom. But, Mary says it’s because Britanni suffers from panic attacks.

sMothered mom Mary justifies showering with her daughter Brittani

TV Shows Ace reported that some of the duos on this season seem more bizarre than the Season 1 characters. Alena and her mom Marcia kiss a lot and Marcia licks her daughter awake in the mornings. But fans mainly focus on Mary and her daughter Brittani. Plenty of critics suggest they need some therapeutic help for mental issues. Fans of the show freaked out because they strip down and shower together. Also, they enjoy going out for colonic therapy, where Brittani holds her mom’s hand.

sMothered fans know that Alena’s got a hormonal issue that makes her look younger than she is. And, it emerged that Brittani also suffers from a disorder. In her case, Brittani went through premature puberty. Monsters and Critics spoke to Mary about it in an exclusive interview. Mary explained that her daughter suffered from “congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) growing up.” That’s why she showers with her daughter.

Panic attacks and CAH

Speaking to the outlet, Mary said that she sees nothing “wrong” about showering with her adult daughter. Apparently, her friends think she’s a wonderful and caring mom. She said that Brittani suffers from panic attacks and that’s due to her CAH. While it seems that Brittani’s past puberty now, she still feels some anxiety in enclosed spaces. With Brittani growing up, sometimes Mary lets her shower alone. Nevertheless, she hovers nearby in case a panic attack sets in.

The sMothered daughter said that “sometimes the closed-in spaces make me panic a bit.'” So, she doesn’t mind her mom hopping in the shower with her. According to the Natural Medicine Journal, sometimes people with CAH actually end up misdiagnosed. They noted, “Endocrinology issues that run the risk of being diagnosed as an anxiety disorder and escape proper diagnosis include… congenital adrenal hyperplasia.” So, that accounts for Brittani’s panic attacks.

Brittani hopes to become a police officer

During the premiere of the show, fans saw that Brittani studies hard and passed her examination for training at the police college. It’s an interesting career choice for Brittani given that she suffers from panic attacks. After all, police officers could find themselves in almost any conceivable situation on duty. An instance of a police officer losing their job for suffering from anxiety occurred in Georgia in 2012. Appealing his dismissal, Jason Jordan lost his case. The Police Officers Association of Michigan carried a story about it.

Similar to Brittani on sMothered who suffers panic attacks, Jordan suffered from an anxiety disorder. Amongst other things, his condition impacted his breathing. In their finding, the District Court found that”even an infrequent inability to perform the essential functions of the position is enough to render a plaintiff not a qualified individual under the ADA.”

Hopefully, Brittani copes with her panic attacks when she becomes a police officer. After all, she won’t be able to take her mom along with her if she suffers a panic attack on duty.

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