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Kaitlyn Bristowe Almost Took A Wrong Turn Into A Relapse After Shawn Booth Breakup

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Mental health continues to be a “need to talk about” subject. Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe understands this and is being very open about her past struggles. Recently, Kaitlyn talked about her past depression issues and addiction to Valium. Now, she is opening up even more and sharing how she almost spiraled out of control into a big relapse. It almost happened when she and Shawn Booth split in 2018. Luckily, she didn’t fall into old patterns and is now living her best life.

Kaitlyn nearly fell into addiction following split from Shawn

Lauren Zima with Entertainment Tonight caught up with Kaitlyn to talk about her past struggles and also her new music single. Prior to her Bachelorette life, Kaitlyn went through a lot. She moved away with the wrong guy, realized she wasn’t herself anymore and changed. She became addicted to Valium and was very depressed. Just before she and Shawn parted ways, Kaitlyn faced challenging times once again. It could have ended badly.

Kaitlyn said, “It probably wasn’t something that [was at] the front of my brain, thinking that way, because I like to think I’m stronger than that now, but at the same time it definitely could have.”

She went on to say, “When you’re that depressed, or that low, I feel like anything that makes you numb could be appealing.” Kaitlyn continued, “I can’t even remember what I was feeling in that moment, but I think that’s always a fear, to just go back into the darkest place of your life that you’ve ever been. I don’t think I would’ve let myself get there again, but I obviously have no idea.”

She admits she was on that path again

Kaityln says when her relationship with Shawn ended she found herself close to going down that same path. She wasn’t feeling secure, safe or loved. She also said she felt like something was holding her back and she couldn’t move forward.

Kaitlyn is sharing her struggles with fans because she recognizes how important it is to talk about mental health issues and being able to overcome it. She says going through her first heartbreak helped her to deal with her split from Shawn much better.

She has overcome her depression and insecurities. Kaitlyn said, “I’ve just become a little more in tune with who I am and how strong I am. I’ve worked so hard for everything that I have. I’m doing things I’m passionate about and I’d like to think I’m succeeding in those things that I’m passionate about. So, I just knew I’d be OK, and I knew that I was OK where I was in life — emotionally, financially, and every way — that I felt secure enough to move forward.”

Kaitlyn gained a lot of strength

She goes on to say once she had faith in herself, her life began to change. Kaitlyn feels like the universe is backing her and she is on track to live her best life. She said, “Once you rid yourself of certain things that are causing you those moments of sadness… your life starts going on the right path. Once you surround yourself with things that make you happy, things just kind of fall into place.”

Now, she is happy and in love with Jason Tartick. The two have two dogs and are loving life. Fans can’t wait to see these two continue their journey. Do you think they will end up married?

Kaitlyn’s new song

Now, she is even dipping her toes in country music. Kaitlyn released her first single this past week called “If I’m Being Honest.” The song was actually written while she and Shawn were still a couple. And, it was recorded the day their breakup was released to the public. Now, she feels it is a good time to release it. It has different meanings to her now.

Kaitlyn said, “We’re all kinda going through something hard together, we’re being so vulnerable with each other and how we’re feeling. I was listening to the lyrics and I’m like, ‘Wow, this actually applies to so many people and how we’re all feeling right now… Why not release it?'”

Kaitlyn received tons of positive support and she’s loving it. What’s next for this former Bachelorette? Stay tuned and we will keep you updated on Kaitlyn and all your favorite Bachelor celebrities.

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