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Which Duggar Daddy Does Fans Think Is The Sweetest?

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Counting On fans believe one Duggar daddy in particular might be the sweetest of the bunch.

Even if you follow and love the Duggar family as a whole, chances are pretty good you have a few favorites. Everyone does. The real question is: do you have a favorite “Duggar daddy”? More importantly, who do you think is the sweetest daddy in the Duggar family. Turns out, a lot of fans have an opinion on this topic. And, there is a general consensus.

Who do Counting On fans think is the sweetest Duggar daddy of the bunch?

According to Cheat Sheet, many Counting On fans believe Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth have one of the happiest Duggar marriages. The duo work together on home renovating jobs. Despite Joy always having a bit of a tomboy personality… Austin Forsyth seems to have embraced her for everything she is. Some fans even claim the duo might be the perfect Duggar couple.

Officially, Joy doesn’t have a job. Austin, however, does view his wife as a member of his renovating team. And, the duo are likely happier because of it.

In addition to having a solid and healthy marriage, Austin Forsyth also seems to be a wonderful father.

As those who have followed the Duggar family know, they grew up with those strict traditional gender roles. The man of the family goes to work and the woman is supposed to clean, cook, and tend to the children In the Forsyth household, however, things seem to be a little different.

Counting On fans have watched Austin Forsyth demonstrating how he might be the sweetest Duggar daddy. He did this after Joy struggled with her miscarriage. He changed all of Gideon’s diapers and helped around the house to give his wife time to heal.

Austin and Joy are also constantly sharing sweet videos of him playing with their son. And, unsurprisingly, fans can’t help but notice.

Fans dote on Austin for his sweet fathering skills.

Fans of the Duggar family see Austin Forsyth as a breath of fresh air. They find how involved he is in the home life and their son Gideon to be refreshing. In fact, here’s some of what fans have had to say on social media:

  • “Austin seems like a loving wonderful husband and dad.”
  • “Austin is such a good dad.”

Some Counting On fans speculate he’s the sweetest daddy in the entire Duggar family.

Austin and Joy are currently preparing to welcome their second child into the world.

While some Counting On fans were not happy to learn Joy Duggar was pregnant so soon… They were thrilled to learn Austin would get to be a daddy again. Fans look forward to all the sweet daddy and daughter videos they will get to enjoy when their baby girl is brought into the world.

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So, who do you think is the sweetest Duggar daddy?

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