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Is Jeremy Vuolo Similar To ‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown?

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Are Jeremy Vuolo of Counting On and Kody Brown of Sister Wives comparable reality TV personalities? Some Duggar followers seem to think so. In fact, there is an entire conversation about the comparison that recently emerged on the DuggarSnark Subreddit.

Jeremy Vuolo gives profound speech on whether jewelry is a good gift.

The video clip Reddit users discussed featured 22 seconds of Jeremy Vuolo discussing giving jewelry as a gift. In the brief clip, Jeremy implied giving the gift of certain strong feelings might be the better option when compared to giving the gift of jewelry. He suggests that he could give a gold ring. Or… He could give the gift of unimaginable joy.

Unfortunately for Jeremy Vuolo, Reddit users were not feeling his topic of conversation. Many noted the video made them feel uncomfortable. Some jested that they would much rather have jewelry when the alternative was spending time with him.

To be fair to Jeremy Vuolo… This particular Subreddit is occupied by Reddit users that don’t care for the Duggar family. Affectionately nicknamed as “snarks,” they follow all members of the Duggar family with a fine toothed comb.

Is this Jeremy’s version of foreplay? /s from DuggarsSnark

But, among all the criticism, the Duggar Snarks made a pretty interesting comparison. They noted that Jeremy Vuolo reminded them of another personality on the TLC network. They claimed he reminded them a lot of Kody Brown from Sister Wives.

Duggar trolls compare Jeremy Vuolo to Kody Brown of Sister Wives.

Right off the bat, those responding to the video noted that it felt similar to something Kody Brown would say. Many others were quick to chime in that they agreed. In fact, here’s what some of the Reddit users had to say about the comparison:

  • “My pet peeve is when people talk like they’re saying something so profound and it’s just nonsense (Kody from sister wives does this often). I feel like this is how Jeremy talks 24/7 and Jing just eats it up like he’s the smartest man alive 🙄”
  • “Kody is a giant blow hard just like this dude.”
  • “I couldn’t put my finger on what bugged me about the way Kody talked, but now that you mention this it makes sense, he acts like everything is says is incredibly deep when it’s just talking about whatever.”

Several others dropped into the conversation with nothing more than variations of agreement. Some even compared Jinger to Kody Brown’s wives noting that she was too quick to believe everything Jeremy Vuolo had to say.

Overall, Duggar followers really weren’t feeling the message Jeremy Vuolo delivered in his video.

Do you think Jeremy Vuolo and Kody Brown are similar? Sound off down below.

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