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‘OutDaughtered’: Popular Quint Parker Sneaks Away From Her Busby Siblings

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OutDaughtered fans quickly fell in love with Adam and Danielle Busby’s quints. But Parker got a lot of attention as she suffered anxiety. Unlike outgoing Riley, cute Hazel, and her other sisters Ava and Olivia, Parker seemed unhappy and withdrawn. Fans felt for the little girl who struggled with being in the limelight. Now, the popular quint took an opportunity to sneak away from her siblings. It seems clear she’s got her own mind.

OutDaughtered – Parker sneaks away from the other quints

It really can’t be that easy being one of six daughters. The quints, obviously are all the same age. And, big sister Blayke makes six. With six daughters in the family, mom and dad Busby try their best to make sure each child gets individual attention. But the quints spend a lot of time together. So, sneaking out for a bit of quiet time away from the active quints also comes in handy, Parker seems to think.

It’s not like Parker ran away from home or anything like that. But the little OutDaughtered star saw her mom getting ready to take Blayke out, and snuck into the back of the van. Danielle posted a photo of the three of them. Her caption read, “Taking Blayke early to her Choir Recital and Parker Kate snuck in the car with us. The quints love any chance to get away without the whole fam 🤪.”

Parker’s anxiety problems stood out from the crowd

Ever since the four-year-old quint was little, fans noticed that Parker seemed extremely unhappy. Adam noticed it as well and consulted with experts. Meanwhile, for mom Danielle, she wasn’t certain if she had a problem or just acted out. TV Shows Ace reported that in October last year, many fans commented on a post that Danielle shared. Of all the kids, Parker looked very down. One fan noted, “Parker always looks so sad 😞.” Another fan once pointed out that “no child” should ever look as unhappy as Parker.

Outdaughtered dad Adam arranged for Parker to see an occupational therapist, as he worried about her. Relieved to hear it, fans started following her more and more on social media. Many of them complained that as Parker hates the cameras, she should have been allowed to test for Pre-K without them there. But later, news came out that Randi from Pre-K wasn’t happy with Parker’s school performance. She said that she’s still very much internalizing.

Parker is doing much better these days, OutDaughtered fans think

Suddenly, around Christmas time, fans notice a big turn-around from Parker. They saw her participate in the school play without tears. They noticed that the cute quint started smiling more. And, they rejoiced alongside Adam as she made her own choice to go with a short haircut. It’s clear that she intends to set her own path and now, her own boundaries. She just sneaked off to be with Blayke and her mom.

OutDaughtered fans commented on Parker, and in the post, so many of them noticed that gorgeous smile. Once a rarity, Cheatsheet notes it’s becoming more frequent these days. Certainly, she looks way more “happy and confident” now. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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